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Can it be true? Yes it will be, on the 28th October 2023. To mark this I have created a comprehensive display for VAO's window in Bridge Street, where it will stand from today 16th October until Sunday 5th November, so hie thee hither to have ...

12585 pictures | 24069 comments
Orkneycommunities and the Image Library are 20
LATEST NEWS: Hoy becomes Hoy and Walls
By popular request the area formerly known as Hoy in our Area categories has been changed to Hoy and Walls. I hope this meets the approval of the folk from Waas.
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The Phoenix in 2001The Phoenix in 2001The Phoenix in 2001The Phoenix in 2001The Phoenix in 2001Bryttania performing at Loud N' LiveOrkney Storytelling Festival, isle of Flotta Old Twatt signBurray Primary SchoolInformation board at Marwick HeadCox and Danks salvage crewMystery driver and William SwansonCentral Cafe menu, insideCentral Cafe menuRaymond and Robert HutcheonIsa, Louise, Robert & Ray HutcheonStromness Academy, late 1930sGraemsay KirkMillbrig, Rendall, 1908BS 1626, 1937 Ford Model 10 CXYoung fishermenMystery thingPutting on a new Lidl signSebay Mill OIC flag cupboardOrkney County CouncilRackwick BayBurgar Hill research siteBurgar Hill turbinesBurgar Hill turbinesSt. George statueBurra SoundOld Lobban's buildingGraemsay BatteryA leg (on it's side)WW2 Kirkwall Home GuardUncle Bertie GrieveSt Margaret's Hope pier aerial shotB. Doull & Son, St Margaret's Hope, 1989Scapa Ranger rusting in 2019Torpedo Attack Trainer building at Rinnigill, HoySt. Boniface KirkOld KGS from CathedralFisher LadStromness HarbourPromenade deck of St Ola IVMid Rinnigill cottage, Rinnigill, HoyKirkwall kayak club ‘Flotilla of the light’Gumpick Ness Battery in TankernessFestival of the Horse 5/5Festival of the Horse 4/5Festival of the Horse 3/5Festival of the Horse 2/5Festival of the Horse 1/5Snowboarder on Wideford HillKirkwall Airport terminal buildingOrphir Parish Church PicnicSS Irene ashore at GrimnessSS Irene ashore at GrimnessSS Irene at Grimness, South RonaldsayWartime buildings in the woods at LynessThe InverlaneOld school above FinstownPoundland on its way out
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n 1970 the organisation became an independent char...Picture #15837 shows it was T&J Heddle, Saddlers i...The original shop was in Broad Street. Wattie Lobb...Which boat is that in front of the tug where the p...ALEC ANDREWS PIANO - LES LEA WIND CORRECT GREAT PR...I too have a copy of this photograph, maybe slight...Date must be before 1915, as that is when the towe...Hi Gordon, I think he was his uncle.I am the third John Gray. So called Captain Gray w...Our neighbours when we lived in Thurso at 6 Hakon ...James was my dad. I remember this photo well and e...Was Raymond related to John Mair Hutcheon who atte...A true gent.W H Flett Ltd was a large business in Liverpool, f...I am now pretty sure that this is not Scorriedale....I have a picture that was given to me, signed J Sc...Was the Saint George statue ever in the position s...George is in my Family Tree. He is the uncle of wi...While I can't say what this medallion was for, the...Stewart Anderson Banks (pictured) married my cousi...I've just traced my great aunt to the Orkney islan...from Sheena Moir - photo HMS pinafore performers...Hallo, My uncle Harry Joseph Yates was killed on ...Mabel was my mum’s sister, remember many happy h...re. Mair girls - Sadie, Helen, SheenaMainly for Linda Irving, the last person to commen...Robert Hutcheon front row extreme left, Ray Hutche...Louise Hutcheon is in the middle row, 2nd from the...Quite a thrill to see my family name show up here ...Hi Everyone, just wanted you to know that my dad I...My Dad Duncan Tullock was the postman that deliver...It carries on along the North Side through Tana Gr...Pretty sure that’s at Tana Grana / Hesta Geo at ...wow I have never seen this photo before I kaen whar some o the chairs are. LOL!This is interesting. James Thomas Smith Groundwat...Willie Black's yole "Valkyrie", currently undergoi...Front right with white beard is the former Headmas...My parents owned the sweet shop on the first floor...Could that possibly be my grandfather William Hour...
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