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12480 pictures | 23771 comments
Season's Greetings and a FREE GIFT
LATEST NEWS: Catching seals for London Zoo
You could do that in the 60s appparently! Jim Eunson has posted a series of pictures from a scrapbook detailing this operation, and the first half have been uploaded to the public area of the site tod...
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Circle of Stenness. OrkneyBryttania open air gigWorkings in Broad StreetFoubister's Shop 30 Albert St. KirkwallBring DeepsBryttania before the band’s first gigKGS signageKGS Maths stairsPicnic bench on GraemsayOld Highland Park bottleScapa panoramaMystery Tom Kent pictureThe Crop at Burray PierDalkeith wedding with Sanday connectionsMargaret Rendall and friendsKirkwall RegattaThe basin post dredging, summer 1985Hatston SlipKirkwall Basin being dredgedKirkwall Basin in need of dredgingMV IslanderEnhanced version of Victoria Street, KirkwallColour version of Stromness Looking EastScapa BayChurchill BarriersKirkwall Town Hall May 1961Kirkwall Broad Street - May 1961The Torvhaug, 2006, 16/16The Torvhaug, 2006, 15/16The Torvhaug, 2006, 14/16The Torvhaug, 2006, 13/16The Torvhaug, 2006, 12/16The Torvhaug, 2006, 11/16The Torvhaug, 2006, 10/16The Torvhaug, 2006, 9/16The Torvhaug, 2006, 8/16The Torvhaug, 2006, 7/16The Torvhaug, 2006, 6/16The Torvhaug, 2006, 5/16Torvhaug, 2006, 4/16The Torvhaug, 2006, 3/16The Torvhaug, 2006, 2/16The Torvhaug, 2006, 1/16Early Skara BraeEarly photo of Skara BraeSkara Brae taking shapeItalian Chapel 1950sKirkwall Harbour in 1950s. 6 of 6Kirkwall Harbour in 1950s. 5 of 6Kirkwall Harbour in 1950s. 4 of 6Kirkwall Harbour in the 1950s 3 0f 6Kirkwall Harbour in 1950s 2 of 6Kirkwall Harbour in the 1950s 1 of 6Mystery groupJohn Keldie custodian at CathedralDennis Keldie in diving suitRognvald Keldie working in the harvest at LingroCricketersThistle FC cup winnersBoxing club Boxing club in Orkney?Orkney Herald staffFormer bus station, 19 February 2021Rear of Stonepark 1981
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Thank you Morag. He surely was.Does any one know my great grandfather who was on ...Thats the home my Great grandfather. Was born in R...It looks similar to the ferry/look out house at Ky...I've had the pleasure of listening to Braelanders ...My name is Karen Breninck and my Father was Andrea...Hey I am Karen Brenincks son. If you need please c...My aunty bought a brand new one from Ian R Swanney...JOHN LEARMOUTH WAS IN THE ROYAL NAVY R IN WW1. I H...Is there a stamp/name of the photographer on the b...Is there a stamp/name of W. S. Thomson on the back...Can you please check if there is a stamp/name of t...Can you please check if there is a stamp/name of t...your dad was a fine Stromness characterJackie Groat from Stronsay was married to Helen (N...Thanks Paul I'm looking for information regarding the Anna Sal...I was born in that house (No. 38 Dundas Street) in...@Lyn Thornton, yes, they were my great grandparent...Hello Pat There is a Mina Currie on the 1891 cens...That is interesting. If you see from my posting ab...I too was shown this photo—— by my father WIll...Yes Heather is my Godmother and a cousin of ours. Does anybody know who the young girl in a wheelcha...Kathy Hutchison nee Swannie, late Head teacher Fin...I just found this thread. I worked for B&Root and ...My mum died on 14th August 2021, she was 95 years ...TAIL OF HIS SHIRT IS A HESSIAN BAG PUT ONTO THE IR...Hi, from Australia. Re Corsies Temperance Hotel. ...Hello Kevin. Yes your g grandfather Jerome was bor...My great grandfather Jerome Laughton was born here...Alfred Evans was my grandfatherSays SWRI at the bottom but date is out of focus.Date definitely mid 1930'sI was born on board this boat maybe its on its way...Alfred Lawrance was my great uncle. So many of his...Hi, I'm finally visiting the island in November a...Kenny fraser quite correct other than date which w...Isn't it amazing and perhaps a sign of the god Alm...Dear all, I am Norbert Camp from Germany and doin...
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