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Holm School, 1943 or 1944
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Holm School, 1943 or 1944

A photograph that my mum (Marjorie Heddle nee Sutherland) got a copy of from Jim Anderson.

Back row:
John Allan, John Muir, Winnie Allan, Nancy Allan, Lena Garriock, Jim Anderson, Margaret Flett, Molly Shearer, Vera Garriock

Second row:
Stanley Kirkness, David Goar, Jean Aim, Verna Sutherland, Elaine Crowther, Marion Laughton, Gordon Muir, Jean Kirkness, Archie Nicolson

Third Row:
Kenneth Sutherland, Jim Guthrie, Peter Allan, Jim Goar, Allie Garriock, Ian Allan, Jim Robson, Mervyn Sutherland, Billy Allan, Marjorie Crowther, Margaret Norquoy

Fourth Row:
Olive Sutherland, Violet Clouston, Dorothy Crombie, Sinclair Muir, Elial Nicolson, Netta Brown, Alison Shearer, Marjorie Sutherland, Mary Garriock, Margaret Scott, Mary Watt, Bertie Johnston, Danny Nicolson, Kathleen Garson

Front row:
Winnie Sutherland, Cathie Allan, Marion Sutherland, Brenda Garriock, Phyllis Brown, Galdys Garriock, Sheila Johnston, Rhoda Shearer, Norma Johnston, David Corse, Alan Bicknell, Alan Crombie, David Norquoy, Ian Baikie

Mrs Winifred Brown and Mr George Brown.
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Picture added on 31 December 2006
what a surprise to see Mum and Dad (Elaine Crowther and Stanley Kirkness) I guess they had no idea at the time that they would end up husband and wife
Added by Susan Stobbart on 01 January 2007
Re-Alan Bicknell, in the front row, I can remember a Dennis Bicknell, who lived in the camp at Rockworks, He had a younger sister Lorna, and I think his fathers name was Jeff. Could this be the same guy?.
Added by Gordie Peterson on 02 January 2007
A motley bunch. Who would have thought we turned out so well!!Frightening to learn of so many who are no longer here.
Added by MARY HARCUS NEE GARRIOCK on 08 January 2007
Jean Kirkness should be Jim Kirkness.typo error?
Added by Jack on 27 April 2008
Dennis Bicknell attended 1947 to 1954
Added by Dennis Bicknell on 23 January 2009
Change Nancy Allan to Nancy Aitken from New Holland in 4th from left back row. Mary Garriock remembers Jeff, Megan, Dennis and Lorna Bicknell at Rockworks.
Added by Jack on 25 January 2009
In reality, I think this should be Holm West Primary School. I don't know how long there was 2 schools in the parish, but there was also a Holm East Primary School near to Hurtiso. The 2 schools merged into the Holm West Primary School premesis at start of September term in 1963 whilst I was at the Holm West Primary School. The teacher George Brown retired at the end of the school year in 1964. (When I left.) I think he died before the end of that year.
Added by Stewart G. on 30 May 2009
Your quite right there was the Holm West school and the Holm East school. Holm village pupils attended the West school. East Parish pupils attended East school. Both schools are now closed (late1960s?) and all the pupils now attend the St Andrews school which was built to serve all the East Mainland pupils not going onto Kirkwall Grammar school.
Added by Jack on 03 June 2009
Just wondered if the Kirknesses mentioned above are related to the Kirknesses from North Dawn, Holm. My great Gran Rosabella Kirkness was born there as was my gran Mary Ellen Yorston. Rosabella was married in Holm School to John Yorston.
Added by Sylvia Jardine on 06 January 2013
Yes they are related.
Added by Jack Harcus on 10 January 2013
Just wondering how the Kirkness's are related? I am one of the daughters of Stanley Kirkness and Elaine Crowther.
Anonymous comment added on 16 January 2013
Your grandfather Tommy Kirkness and JOCK kirkness were brothers. I knew Stanley and Elaine well. Grew up with them. Sad to remember they are no longer with us. Gone to a much better place. Elaine's sister Marjory married Charlie Bruce from Netherton. Which daughter are you? Susan, Angela or Jacqueline?
Added by Jack Harcus on 20 January 2013
I am Jacqueline sorry forgot to fill in my name. I know that Jock and my grandfather were brothers and I also spent a lot of time at Netherton whenever we were home. Mom has been gone almost 12 years now and Dad 11 years. How is Rosabella related?
Added by Jacqueline Murphy on 22 January 2013
Rosabella was a sister to Tommy and John
Added by Jack Harcus on 24 January 2013
Out of interest I searched the Internet for Archie Nicolson, Orkney and came across your Holm School photograph. I was in the Army (Nation Service) with an Archie Nicolson from Orkney, he was the Commanding Officer's driver when in Germany with the 42nd Field Regiment R A, 1951-53 ... I wondered it is the same Archie, it looks like him - I have photos somewhere. I wonder what happened to him.
Regards - Geoffrey (Roy) Morgan
Added by Geoffrey Morgan (Roy) on 24 April 2015
There was also another brother called Jimmy Kirkness who came to Canada at I believe was 15 years of age.
Added by Jacqueline Murphy on 09 July 2015
Tommy and John had another brother named Jimmy he came to Canada at the young age of 13 or 14 and lived in Saskatchewan. Do you remember him at all Jack Harcus?
Added by Jacqueline Murphy on 15 July 2015
James Park Kirkness1860 –
Mary Ann Kirkness1863 – 1939
John Kirkness1864 –
Peter Kirkness1866 –
Jane Elizabeth Kirkness1868 –
Rosabella Foubister Kirkness1870 –
Thomas Kirkness1872 –
Margaret Sinclair Kirkness1874 –
Maggie Kirkness1875 –
Margaret Kirkness1875 –
David Kirkness1876 –
Archibald Petrie Kirkness1877 –

Source Information

@1841 Scotland Census1 citation provides evidence for Name, Birth, Residence
@1861 Scotland Census1 citation provides evidence for Name, Birth, Residence
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William Kirkness, James Park Kirkness, Mary Ann Kirkness, John Kirkness, Peter Kirkness, Jane Elizabeth Kirkness, Rosabella Foubister Kirkness, Thomas kirkness, Margaret Sinclair Kirkness, David Kirkness and Archibald Petrie Kirkness. Their Parents were John Kirkness and Mary Velzian.

Added by Sylvia jardine on 27 July 2015
In response to Geoffery (Roy) morgan, Yes this is the same Archie Nicolson, he was a driver in Germany during his national service.
Added by John Ncolson on 25 October 2015
Was wondering how to find photos of Kirkness from North Dawn, Holm?
Added by Caroline stubbings on 12 June 2016
I posted some in the gallary of Rosabella Kirkness
Added by Sylvia Jardine on 03 August 2016
Hi.Can anyone tell me about the Holm West DUX Medal
Thank you in advance.
Added by Gary on 06 March 2022
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