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2024Shelves beginning to empty at Dounby Co-op, HMS Iron Duke after air attack, Stromness Police Station
2023A leg (on it's side), Old Lobban's building, OIC flag cupboard
2022New Papdale east play park, St Catherine's Aerated Water Factory, Aftermath of Highland Park gantry crash 1/2
2021New Picture, New Picture, New Picture
2020New Picture, New Picture, New Picture
2019Fair swell at Dingieshowe, Green Badge Tourist Guides Class of 2019, New Picture
2018Well-heeled mermaid, Hoy from the Point of Ness, Relics from the building of the Barriers
2017New Picture, New Picture, New Picture
2016New Picture, New Picture, New Picture
2015New Picture, New Picture, New Picture
2014Beer bedfellows, New Picture, New Picture
2013New Picture, New Picture, New Picture
2012New Picture, New Picture, New Picture
2011New Picture, New Picture, New Picture
2010View of the liner Oriana in the distance, Old timer and new liner, Benjie Stouts grave stone in Ousna Kirkyard
2009Christmas 2009, Red sky at night, Short eared owl
2008Ba New Year 2008, Orkney Islands Council, Balfour castle
2007New Years Day Ba' 2007, New Years Day Ba 2007, 2007 New Years Ba'
2006Hoy from south west, Old Man of Hoy, Shepherds be warned
2005Storm aftermath at Kirkwall Pier, Kirkwall Pier after the storm, The West Pier after the storm
2004Ring of Brodgar - Snow, Stenness Loch , The Ouse, Finstown
2003Seaside view, Maes Howe From the air, Yesnaby
2002Big Stones on the Beach, Town beside the sea., New boat for Eday-Westray run
2001Sunset over somewhere., Ring of Brodgar, Seashore at somewhere.
2000The Ola , View from a Windmill, Kirkwall Power Station
1999Enterprise in Stromness, Corner of Junction Road and Burnmouth Road, 5/7, Corner of Junction Road and Burnmouth Road, 6/...
1998Phoenix ticket office at last picture show, Billy Scollie and Dougie Shearer, Closing Time for Phoenix Cinema
1997Aerial view of Brodgar, Orcades Viking, Ariel View of Standing Stones
1996Orcadia laid up at Leith, 1996, Trawler 'Flowing Tide', Dundas Crescent
1995Shopping Week Fancy Dress, Lifeboat on the St. Ola, Hatston Wartime Building
1994Orcadia at Leith, Calf of Eday, Sunset from Eday
1993Seaboard Supreme in Lerwick, Blockship at Number 4 Barrier, 1993, White Ensign flies for last time
1992Stromness from the air, Blockship (Hoy) from the air, Balfour from the air
1991Stromness from the air, East Juveniles?, Hotspurs Juniors
1990Happy Valley waterfall, Happy Valley cottage, St Clair's Emporium blacksmith shop
1989Orcadia, Unloading The Orcadia, No. 4 barrier in 1989, 1
1988Phone box on EGILSAY pier, Cathedral bell loft, Window of Jeck Miller's
1987St Clair's Emporium- Mrs Thingy and daughter, St Clair's Emporium- Moira and ?, St Clair's Emporium- In the office
1986Junior East badminton team 1986, 1986 Junior Inter County v Shetland, Kirkwall Rovers FC Juniors
1985John Windwick winding Cathedral clock, Riding of the Marches, The St Magnus Hymn, or Nobilis Humilis
1984Cathedral from the Town Hall, Town Hall to foot of Palace Road, Looking North from Kirkwall Town Hall
1983Holland Farm, Papa Westray , St Magnus Cathedral Chairs, Brandyquoy park viewed from Cathedral
1982Orcadian Print Works , New Fire Engine at Kirkwall Fire Station, Chief Scout visits a camp at Binscarth, Firth,
1981A Papdale Infant School concert, 18 March 1981, Occidental Petroleum's Rugby Team, The Movies rehearsing
1980School Orchestra at Kirkwall Grammar, 1980 Milne Cup team, Netherbutton- the end
1979P7 Einar, 1978-79, Kirkwall Primary School, Warrenfield from the air, Kirkwall Primary, P6, what year?
1978Demolition of Kirkwall Gasworks, Papdale Primary P3 or P4, Papdale Primary P1, 1978 or 1979
1977P7 Sweyn, 1976-77, Kirkwall Primary School, Farewell Kirkwall Gasworks, Primary 7 Erland and Einar, 1977
1976Boat aground off Eday, Papdale Primary infant concert, Herston by Edgar M Gibson
1975Sandwick Parish Cup Team, Sailing Snoopy, Sailing in front of Hatston
1974Kirkwall Primary School, Papdale East, under construction, Papdale East, under construction, 2
1973'Kirking' - Kirkwall Town Council, Sandwick Parish Cup Team, St Rognvald on Thievesholm
1972P2S Kirkwall Primary School, St Ola II, June 1972, The Little Red Yoyo
1971P6E Kirkwall - 1971, P2S of Kirkwall Primary , Happy Valley
1970Kirkwall Arts Club cast members outside the Club, Burra Brough 'The Altar' South Ronaldsay, Carrick House, Eday
1969Aerial view of Warrenfield, Mill Bay to Calfsound, Eday, Millbank, Eday
1968Kirkwall Telephone Exchange Staff Dinner, Costa School photo from 1968-1969, Grey Head and Red Head
1967Shapinsay SWRI - 1967, St Clair/St Magnus/St Magnus II, Cattle at the brig on the Ayre Road
1966Kirkwall Primary School Primary 1 or Primary 2, Former Yesnaby arch now in bruck, Demolition of Tom Brass's shop
1965St Ola II, Arch at Yesnaby, still intact, The Cosmo
1964Old Legion Club, Sledging on Pipersquoy Road, J & W Taits staff Christmas party, 1964
1963Hotspurs Do, 1963, 1, Hotspurs Do, 1963, 2, Miss Deerness competition 1963
1962Sutherland's shop, Back Road, Kiln Corner, 1962, Throng at Corn Slip 1962
1961Earls Palace Straight Arch, Shopping Week Band at Pierhead, Pole Star
1960Class 3A Kirkwall Grammar School, Skaill Mill, A North Boat- which?
1959County Show, South Wall Primary School, Papdale infant's Primary One class.
1958County Show in the 50s, MFV1258, Hoy Head, LAM Robertson's, Victoria Street, Kirkwall
1957Kirkwall Brownies c1957, Premiere at Phoenix, Page 6 of 1957 Orkney Telephone Directory
1956KGS, Queen Mother's visit, Royal Yacht Britannia
1955Scapa in the fifties, Sailing at Burray, Phoenix at time of opening
1954Construction of Phoenix, Bisset Binder at Cleat, St Ola, 1954, Phoenix under construction
1953Sunday School picnic to Shapinsay, Binscarth- Sandy Scarth (junior), Long Hope regatta
1952Tug Salveda, Tug Salveda, South Walls Primary School 1952
1951Rossland Garage, Kirkwall, Crew of the Longhope lifeboat " Thomas McCunn", BB Camp in Westray
1950The Walls Boys 1/7, The Walls Boys 2/7, The Walls Boys 3/7
1949Drumming in the Market, 1949, School trip to Sweden 1949, Skeldro
1948KGS first year infants class 1948, Kirkwall Grammar School 1948 or 1949, Flett & Sons Lorry
1947From Cathedral towards Weyland, From Cathedral towards Papdale, 1947 County Show 1/3
1946Donald Mackay, ferry man, Class 1A Kirkwall Grammar School, 1934 Chrysler Airflow
1945Reopening of Scapa Distillery after WW2, Unknown fancy dress celebration, Detail from unknown fancy dress celebration
1944Netherbutton Radar Masts, YWCA in church hall, Long Hope, S/SGT Edward E. Kjelness
1943Holm School, 1943 or 1944, K.G.S. 1943, K.G.S. Class of 1943
1942HMS Wolverine, Flett from Flotta, William A Flett (Flett from Flotta)
1941St Magnus Cathedral, Egilsay School, HMS Sparrowhawk
1940Waiting for a Plane!, Shearer the Ironmongers, Longhope Post Office
1939Royal Oak?, Harray lupins, Harray Fancy Dress
1938Plane at Berstane Farm 1938, Dundas Crescent pre 1939, Shore Street from Cromwell Road, 1938?
1937Cathedral Octocentenary, 1937, Cathedral Octocentenary (2), 1937, Octocentenary Spectators
1936Homemade boat at Scapa 1936, Homemade boat at Scapa 1936, part II, Plane in Stenness
1935Buses at Spence's 1930's, Kirkwall Electric Power Station staff, William Burges at work
1934Edwin Muir, Brims School, Co-op van in Rousay
1933Christening of Long Hope lifeboat, Garden's staff picnic, South Walls School now the Stroma Bank Hotel
1932Captain Fresson, Beehives at Willow Road, R.Garden and Co. on Bridge Street.
1931Football team, 1931, Foootball trophies, 1931, Aerial view of Stromness 1931
1930K.A.O.S., Bikes at Kirkwall China Stores, Kirkwall Glass and China Stores, Junction Road
1929Gow's Folly, 1929, Part of Robbie Milne's Concert Party 14-8-29, Albert Street
1928Kirkwall Burgh School Bell, Royal Visit to Stromness, Shore Street
1927Christmas Day Ba, Kirkwall Grammar School, Swimming Gala in Kirkwall Basin
1926Unveiling of Kitchener Memorial, Kitchener Memorial, New use for dog
1925Christmas Day Ba, Lennie's Shop Kirkwall, Deerness Coastguards
1924Business on Ayre Road, Finstown Bachelors' Ball, Round the world fliers at Houton
1923Telephone Exchange, Kirkwall - 1923, 1st Kirkwall Boys Brigade , Stromness looking East
1922Kirkwall City Pipe Band, Scapa Distillery staff, Kirkwall City Pipe band 23-6-22
1921Kirkwall Burgh School, Class VI, 1921, S/S Keith Hall ashore at Birsay 27-11-21, St. Sunniva ashore near Graemeshall 5-1...
1920Two headed sheep, Scapa seaplane station., New Year's Day Ba
1919St Magnus Relics, Peace celebrations, Broad Street, Salved German Cruisers in Lon Hope Bay
1918High Street in the snow, 1918, Frozen Peedie Sea, Interned German High Seas Fleet
1917Kirkwall Moss Gatherers, July 1917, Xmas outing, D M Wright and D B Peace
1916HMS Opal, SS Iona, 1913 Model T Ford
1915Hoy Head at Scapa, Hall of Tankerness before 'new' extension, Windmill at Comely, Toab
1914Junction road under water, Rowing at Stromness, Whales Stranded at Inganess
1913Opening run of Orkney Motor Club 18th April 1917, Christmas ba 1913, Stronsay Woman
1912Kirkwall United, Swanbister Shop, Post card of a un named house
1911Britannia FC Kirkwall, 1910-11, Good Templars, Fancy Dress cycle parade for George V coronation
1910Fishing off the harbour - c1910, The Watergate, Palace Road in Winter
1909Opening of New Kirkwall Bowling Green, Naming of the Stronsay lifeboat, Lifeboat John Ryburn after the naming ceremony
1908The Harbour, Kirkwall, Another old timer, Westray School
1907The 'Celtic' of Chester, Harvesting at Noltland Westray, Departure of Orkney Volunteers for camp, 20/6/1907
1906Tom Kent at the wheel of a Coventry Humber, Earl's Palace and Cathedral, Kirkwall, Removing the large bell from the Cath...
1905Albert Street, Kirkwall, Kirkwall from the West, Albert Street, Kirkwall
1904Flett and Sons, Bridge Street, HMS Victorious and HMS Magnificent, Evangeline BF1952
1903K343 QUEEN Mystery. 1 of 2, K343 QUEEN Mystery.2 of 2, The Willows
1902Stromness, S.S. Hoy Head 1, RACKWICK in 1902
1901Imperial Hotel, Albert Street, Kirkwall, Detail from Imperial Hotel picture, A new era
1900George Wisharts, Stromness, Andrew Carnegie on Kirk Green, Kirkwall, Balfour Hospital opening
1899British Training Squadron in Kirkwall Bay, 1899, CROMA ashore at Cleet of Swona, Rousay Concert Party
1898The Orkney Bar, 1898, British Channel Fleet in Kirkwall Bay, 1898, British Channel Fleet in Kirkwall Bay, 1898
1897School, Kirkwall Cycling Club
1896Old letter from Town Hall 1, Old letter 2, Old letter 3
1895Widewall School, South Ronaldsay, Widewall School, South Ronaldsay, Widewall School, South Ronaldsay
1894A Lady of the North, Tankerness School, Robertson Family from Myre in Longhope
1893Young Men In Kirkwall
1892Housebay sale catalogue, Housebay sale catalogue
1890Bridge Street in the olden days, 2 Men In A Boat, Margaret Walls and James Harrold Taylor
1889Peace & Low, Dressmaker and Milliner, Unknown from Baikie clan, Unknown from Baikie clan
1888The Corn Slip
1887St.Magnus Cathedral
1885John Rendall 1846 - 1927 , Launch of the smack 'Hemarin' 12/3/1885, Kirkwall from Berstane Road
1884Laying foundation stone of Kirkwall Town Hall, Broad Street celebration, Orcadia at Eday
1883Shop in Broad Street, S.S. Camoens damaged by ice near Borðeyri
1882Betsy Omand Garson, 1882
1880I saw three ships!, Boats in the bay at Kirkwall, The Manchester City
1879H. Wilson, Saddler, Wedding invitation
1878Wedding invitation 1878, Stromness waterfront 1878
1876Victorian Kirkwall, John Wishart & 3 others
1875Oldest Bridge Street yet, Laughtons of Vigga, Holm, Rev. William Spark
1874Hoy Head. from The Lookout, Stromness
1873Mystery family
1872Photograph from Panhouse, Flotta.
1871Bruce family 1871
1870Kirkwall pier 'cast iron', Excelsior Lodge 817, Jim Garrioch and Mary Rendall
1868Grandma's house
1866Stereo image of Kirkwall Basin
1863Victorian crowd
1861Visit to Orkney by photographer John Traill, Hubbard's Orcadian Views #1, Hubbard stereoscopic view of an eagle
1860Selling fish at the Bridge, Capt. Thomas D, Scott & Family, Peter Cusiter 1860
1859Flaws ancestors at their Orkney croft, Back of Orkney ancestor photo
1852James W Groundwater
1850GEORGE REID 1755-1859
1847Capt. T D Scott & Family, Scott Family, Landed Estate in the Mainland of Orkney
1845Horse and Cattle Shew
1844Fine steel engraving
1842Doodle in school jotter
1821Daniell print of Kirkwall, Daniell print of Cathedral, Daniell print of Bishop's Palace
1819 Painting of George Thomas Mainland born 1811

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