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High Street in the snow, 1918 A Tom Kent picture submitted by Craig Taylor, showing no house on the right hand side of the street,...
Frozen Peedie Sea A Tom kent photo from almost exactly 86 years ago showing the Peedie Sea frozen with a covering of s...
Interned German High Seas Fleet Taken from above Houton Seaplan Station 28 November 1918
Kirkwall from the West 16/1/18 A Tom Kent picture, showing a very frozen Peedie Sea, much bigger than it is today.
Troops ex 'Traz-os-Mondes', Kirkwall A Tom Kent picture showing returning troops on 17th November 1918.
Christmas outing Believed to be a christmas outing on board repair ship VICTOROUS 1917 1918 the schools involved,Sou...
HMS Glory IV [I'm guessing the caption and contributor here- Steven]
HMS Glory IV [I'm guessing the caption and contributor here, assuming this is Tom's cleaned up version of Barbara...
German Fleet in Scapa Flow A Tom Kent postcard of the German fleet in Scapa Flow, Nov 1918
The surrendered german fleet in scapa flow Yet another postcard of the german fleet in scapa flow
Robert Scarth of Binscarth, 1894-1966 Robert Scarth of Binscarth, later Lord Lieutenant of Orkney.
Alexander Drysdale Scarth, 1898-1960 My mother's father, Sandy Scarth of Binscarth. The youngest of three brothers, all of whom fought i...

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