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HMS Glory IV
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HMS Glory IV

[I'm guessing the caption and contributor here, assuming this is Tom's cleaned up version of Barbara's earlier picture- Steven]
Picture added on 05 March 2007
Again there was an error message when I sent this. Hope you will agree a little tweaking on photoshop brings out a bit more detail.
Added by Tom Scott on 05 March 2007
This is possibly a builders trial photograph of the Russian 1st Class criser Askold taken around 1900. The Russian navy was being expanded at full capacity at this time so many vessels were ordered from abroad. Askold was built in Germany and was at Port Arthur in 1904 when the Japanese attacked. After the Battle of the Yellow Sea she escaped to Shanghai and was interned. Five funnels were unnusual but not unique. Many French warships had 4/5/6, there was a class of Greek destroyers[5] and the destroyer HMS Viking of 1909 had 6! Askold was a fast ship but damage to the funnels caused coal consumption to go up as the speed fell. After serving in the Far East she was transferred to the Dardenelles where the Tommies christened her "packet of woodbines". There is an old story that the natives of a certain Afrcan state were impressed with the five funneled warship. The enterprising British captain on station proptly rigged two extra canvas funnels and led smoke to them. British prestige was thus assured by a new 6-stack cruiser! Subsequently the Askold was used by the British as a base ship being named GloryIV and was eventually returned to the Russians. Several other Russian ships ended up in British waters at the time. The most famous being the cruiser Varyag that was eventually wrecked off the coast of Ayreshire near Lendalfoot on the way to the breakers. A monument has been erected and was attended by Russian sailors a few years back...but that is another story!
Added by Stephen Bradley on 08 April 2008
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