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Papdale Primary
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Papdale Primary

have seen lots of your old school photos but not this one which I came across recently thought it might be of interest I can name most of the class "I think" but it was a long time ago!!!
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Picture added on 04 May 2007
Fegs lass, I wis in PPS p5 or 6 aboot that time; bit, much tae the annoyance o' me inherent Ocadian curiousity, I kinna mak' oot any o' the fo'k in the picter.
Dae I see a Drever? :-) Help?
Added by Sumteeik on 06 May 2007
bottom row 4th from left is Kirsten Leonard.
Added by Jeanie on 06 May 2007
Top row L-R Miss Thomson, Charles Peacock, Jimmie Currie, Ian McGillvry, Maurice Walls, Tommy Sinclair, Brian Flett, Colin Harcus. Middle row David Marwick, Jackie Thomson, Raymond Thomson, Jeanette Wylie, Alison Matches, Lynn Taylor, Susan Leaske, Derek Budge, Even Monkmon, Hamish Norquay, Front Row, Irene Linklater, Moira Sutherland, Zilla Warman, Julie Gibson, Jennifer Johnston, Morag Nicol, Gillian Peace, Jean Thomson, Eveline Anderson, Jennifer Rendall, Marlene Hill....Appoligies for any spelling errors .. the picture would have been taken Sept/Oct 1964 and most of us would have been around 8 years old depending on your birthday......
Added by Jenny on 06 May 2007
Sorry I don't think this is Kirsten Leonard but it possibily be her sister Elizabeth.
Added by Elizabeth on 06 May 2007
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