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Caravan Park
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Caravan Park

Further to Calum's trenchant remark on picture #12218.

Somewhat aggravating for the people who actually want to park there...
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Picture added on 17 June 2008
That's the problem: Nobody wants to park there. Human nature dictates that people park their cars on the street outside their houses. This causes congestion and hazard.
Added by Sandy on 18 June 2008
Not quite true Sandy. Some of us don't have a choice but to park our cars on the road outside our houses.
Added by Richard Gorn on 18 June 2008
Yes Richard, but most folk do have a choice. Its just as I said - human nature to want the car near at hand. But it creates problems as in Quobanks Crescent. In the evening cars coming down have to mount the pavement to pass oncoming vehicles.
The pavements in this area are bad enough without that.

Added by Sandy on 18 June 2008
Several people have asked me have the gypsies moved in.
Added by Norma on 20 June 2008
Personnaly I cant see the problem with people parking caravans or trailers in the space, it keeps them of the road. There is still plenty of car parking spacees available. But the other corespondents are correct when they say that people wont walk further than they have to. Take a look at the cars abandonded all around the streets adjacent to the council offices to see what I mean.
Added by Alastair on 20 June 2008
No problem Alistair except the lack of cars. But it has been pointed out to me that parking or storing one's car at some distance from one's house can lead to increased insurance premiums. That, along with the inconvenience, must be a great disincentive. Some official passing places in Quoybanks would be a help, but what brave official is going to say outside which house to put the double yellow lines?
Added by Sandy on 21 June 2008
An interesting snippet in this week's "Orcadian" shows that people's reluctance to walk is nothing new. In 1958 the Town Council was to lobby the Postmaster General asking that, if the new Post Office was to be built in Junction Road, there should be a sub-office in the main street, preferably in the Victoria Street area.
Added by Paul Sutherland on 21 June 2008
Where do they go over the winter?
Why can’t they stay there all the time rather than cluttering the car parks.

Added by ????? on 22 June 2008
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