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The Leonards
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The Leonards

This shop was at the junction of Bridge street and Albert Street.
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Picture added on 04 August 2007
Aaaaa, remember it weel.Bouncy, wonky floor and all!
And the allure of the electric organs in the back end of the store that were put there to tempt small hands......
Added by Richard Gorn on 05 August 2007
Imagine the fuss now if you went to the planners and said 'I want to paint my shop black and red'!
Added by Karl Cooper on 06 August 2007
I loved this shop and the A-Team van I got there. After saving for ages I went in and spent what felt like an hour on whether to buy the Knight Rider car or the A-Team van!
Added by Euan Moir on 04 June 2008
I couldn't run round the corner quick enough when I was a kid, to get to Leonards. It was paradise for me and my pal Debbie.
Added by HEATHER RICHARD on 08 June 2008
Highlight of a Saturday was a walk around Leonards with Grandad and getting another Corgi car or Airfix model to add to the collection. Oh happy days, where did they go?? Thanks for the memory Sandy.
Added by Colin McBeath on 09 June 2008
I remember Leonards well, I had a paper round out of there, which I did after school. I shared it with Ian Croy, he usually did a Saturday
Added by Martin Wares on 28 June 2009
loved the shop when i came in to the mainland when i was a peedie fulla they had so much toys and mrs shearer i think that was her name worked there..
Added by Magnus Mowat on 11 May 2010
Remember it well ! I was friends with the Leonard family who lived at Park Cottage up Berstane Road, I met them through Orkney Pony Club in the early 1970s

Added by Elaine Sutherland (Allen) on 08 March 2012
I spent time working here and at Stevenson's when I was a student - such a variety of "stuff".
Added by Barbara Johnston on 09 March 2012
I remember running up the lane to gaze in wonder at the toys in Leonards upper window. As a peedie boy that was the highlight of a trip to the toon before the war.
Added by Ron Marwick on 10 March 2012
Loved the shop too; you never knew what you might find. Always wondered about its name. Can't think of another similarly-named shop, eg The Stevensons, The Croys, The Argos etc. Is there a 'back story' to the name?
Added by Ian Hourston on 10 March 2012
It might make a bit more sense if there was an apostrophe before the 'S'.
Added by Neil Johnstone on 11 March 2012
Not sure I agree with you Neil. To me it's the 'THE' that sticks out like the proverbial canine gonads, and I wondered if there was a particular reason for it. (The full-stop at the end is unusual too.) Incidentally, what an inadequate warning 'Books' and 'Stationers' gave of the temptations lurking within.
Added by Ian Hourston on 11 March 2012
Originally, there might have been more than one Leonard! I seem to remember 'Dod' Leonard in the early 1950's (note apostrophe!) and he seemed quite old then.
Added by Jim G. on 11 March 2012
It could be that 'Books' and 'Sationery' were the original items sold, long before the more recent items of musical instruments. glassware.toys and a thousand other items of modern necessity came along.
Added by Neil Johnstone on 12 March 2012
Does anyone remember Edwin Work
Added by Ken Foulis on 16 May 2012
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