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First Division Cruisers at Scapa Flow
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First Division Cruisers at Scapa Flow

Tom Kent postcard of Royal Navy Cruisers in Scapa Flow

{Can the contributor identify themselves please.}
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Picture added on 03 January 2007
At first look from left to right, a battlecruiser of the Indefatigable class, probably the class ship, next is Invincible as she was the last to have her fore funnel raised, then her sisters Inflexible and Indomitable. photo before jan 1915. PS They are Battlecruisers not cruisers. Invincible and Indomitible both sunk at Jutland. My anorak. Sad eh.
Added by William Watters on 05 January 2007
More time shows nearest to camera is Indomitable and next is Inflexible. Its the bands on the funnels. Still sad eh.Can anyboby identify the coastline
Added by William Watters on 05 January 2007
It's taken from Cannigal area looking across to Orphir?
Added by Lily on 05 January 2007
It says Scapa Flow and I think I see The Hills of Hoy in the background so I guess the photo was taken from the Holm road near Hill Head or just above the Highland Park distillery.
Added by Barbara on 06 January 2007
These vessels are the 1st Battlecruiser squadron possibly visiting Scapa Flow before it became the permanent base for the Fleet in 1914. All four ships served at Jutland where the Indefatigable became the first British loss. The three Invincible class ships were attached to the Grand Fleet at that time and were present as the 3rd Battlecruiser Squadron. Invincible was hit, blew up and broke in to with only a few survivors. I'm amazed how deep the water must be so near the coastline.
Added by Stephen Bradley on 08 April 2008
Re William's posting about Jutland - It was Indefatigable, not Indomitable, that was sunk, as well as Invincible and Queen Mary.
Added by Ian Maun on 29 October 2016
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