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Netherbutton mast being taken down
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Netherbutton mast being taken down

Netherbutton mast being taken down

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Picture added on 20 January 2013 at 18:22
Click to View shows the masts at almost exactly the same stage of dismantling.
Added by Ian Hourston on 20 January 2013
Removed by the company that erected it, I believe.
Anonymous comment added on 20 January 2013
The masts of the same type were here on "Waas" and were bought by Bill "Squeek" Sinclair. He just had them toppled like trees, what a site to see,there was aye a fair lot o folk gathered as this was done.
Sodger Bob and his two boys Jimmie and Robbie did most of the dismantelling when on the ground and the best of British galvanised steel was shipped to the Toon, I am sure some of that steel is still to be found around the County today .
There were four large masts like the Netherbutton ones and two or was it four smaller ones?.
No satellite comms and microchips in pre war times only muckle valves the size o your head and an array of wires and equipment was to be seen in the buildings at what we called the Wireless Station at top o the hill at the "Gallow Taing" .
One other thing the big masts had a big T frame across the top o them, Did the Netherbutton ones have that at one time?, not on your photo Stuart.

[See picture #774 John - Steven]
Added by John Budge on 29 January 2013
The power for the wireless station in Longhope must have come fae Lyness I mind some ootfit haulin up the cable late 50's, and it crossed fae no 5 North Ness tae Longhope, so presume it was for the wireless station..
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 30 January 2013
Thanks Steven but as I remember the cross heads on the masts here were of a different type to the ones shown in picture 774 they (The cross heads) were much bigger (of corse!) and were like a large gantry.
Someone must have a photo of them somewhere.
Added by John Budge on 31 January 2013
Were the masts at Netherbutton altered though, when they used them as TV masts later in their life?
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 01 February 2013
Try picture #18125
Added by Ian Thomson on 01 February 2013
Your right Jimmy aboot the power cable,it went up past the hotel and ower the hill tae the wireless station and a heavy brute o a cable it was.
The firm who did the removal used Dinkum diggers mounted on Fordson Major tractors, we had never seen diggers like them before.
Old Jimmy Pirie (Whadum) fae the pub watched the diggers with great interest and stated " Immph Immph You could stir your flameing tea with that darned thing).

Added by John Budge on 02 February 2013
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