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On The Waterfont
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On The Waterfont

On the waterfront: Three strongarm boys of the Kirkwall mafiosi.
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Picture added on 03 February 2009
Ah! The one in the middle is Jonno Logie - if I'm not mistaken. I served in the Territorials with Jonno and if my memory serves me right - Jonno was our Number 5 on the L70 Buffers Gun - again if my memory serves me right - that was the loader. Five shells at a time - yon needed a strong man and Jonno was a strong man. He also used to work down on the pier off loading the cargo boats - barley etc. Aye! Happy days folks - I can still see Jonno and the rest o us "bellying up to the bar" in the Queens! Aye! Happy days!
Added by Edward George Borwick on 07 February 2009
Is the one in the middle no Johnnie Walls?
Added by B.Moar on 07 February 2009
Ah Edward I think not- the three people in the photo are Buff Craigie Johnnie Walls and Jim Crisp (Doodle).
Added by Colin Wylie on 07 February 2009
I doubt you are wrong Eddie! The one in the middle is Johnnie Walls.
Added by Brian Findlay on 07 February 2009
I dont know the men in the photos, but my Grandfather 'James Sutherland' used to live in Kirkwall and work at the docks (I think as a Ganger), and when my father James Sutherland left the Merchant Navy, he worked there unloading coal and slag boats. Dad said it was hard graft in those days and would surely have met these guys. I'd love to communicate with anyone who knew either of them.
Added by James Sutherland on 07 February 2009
Mister Borwick is a bit out with the name Jonno Logie, it is Johnnie Walls. I dont think Jonno Logie ever worked down the docks, he was in the building trades.
a mason i think?
Added by Joe Walker on 08 February 2009
Sorry, Edward! The man in the middle was the well known Johnnie Walls. Many a happy time I had with him and his father aboard their fishing boat - lifting creels along the Rendall and Evie shoreline - fishing - and visiting Gairsay. The other two gentlemen are Buff Craigie and Doodles Crisp.
Added by Lex on 08 February 2009
Ah! Brian - lads "Sorry" but I could have sworn that the lad in the middle was Jonno Logie! I'm off tae spec-savers!
Added by Edward George Borwick on 08 February 2009
Hi Edward have a look at picture #16882 that maybe is the answer .
Added by BRANDYMAN on 08 February 2009
Ah! Brandyman - That certainly looks like Jonno sitting down reading the book - yon photograph was taken well before my time in the Territorials - 1950? God! I'd still been skipping school!
Added by Edward George Borwick on 09 February 2009
Don't know about the other gentlemen but I certainly know my brother-in-law, Buff Craigie. The best looking guy who ever worked at the pier!!
Added by Freda Jackson on 29 March 2009
Doodle is the correct title for {Jim Crisp} right, he was my uncle. Doodle served in the Royal Navy during WW2. His son also named Jim Crisp was known as Dwaddle earning the nickname from his footballing talents. Jonnie Walls had the name "Whassie Walls" {Nobody dare ask how he got it !!}
Added by Lewis Munro on 06 April 2009
I dont know where you got that name from Lewis,
as his only surviving nephew I never heard that nickname before.
I agree with you, nobody would dare have asked him, if this was so.
Added by Peter Burges on 09 April 2009
My Grandfather, father and uncle would often refer to Jonnie Walls as "Wassie" - no idea about the spelling, as I've spelt it here phonetically. I assumed it was a derivation of "Wallsie".
Added by Fred Grieve on 10 April 2009
It seems I stand corrected gentlemen, obviously this name has been better known by the seagoing "Doonie" fraternity, than by me.
Added by Peter Burges on 10 April 2009
'Waassie' was quite often given to those with the surname 'Walls', which itself was often pronounced 'Waas'
Added by Marlene Mainland on 10 April 2009
I liked the story aboot Jonnie and a Sanday man oot on patrol wae a 15cwt in the desert. Oot overnight, one stood watch while the other slept. Jonnie on watch at first light woke the Sanday man wae a bump " Look at that". Now wide awake, "What???". What a beauty o a Spoot ebb !!.
Added by Ron Marwick on 11 April 2009
That would sound more like it Marlene, Jonnie Walls was Peter Burgess uncle and my fathers uncle[Tommy Hourston] i vividly remember him only just.
Added by Dawn Hourston on 18 April 2009
Good to hear from you, Dawn. Buff in this photo would have been a relative of your dad too, as Buff's granny was a Hourston from Shapinsay, the same origins as your dad (and my mother). All good looking people!
Added by Marlene Mainland on 22 April 2009
This is definitely one for your family album, Dawn, as Doodle Crisp would also have been a relative of your dad, being descended from the Hourston dynasty, via Shap.It's a great photo in its own right, but now, with that provenance, a real treasure!
Added by Marlene Mainland on 23 April 2009
I should certainly know the handsome guy on the left - none other than my dad!
Added by Barbara M Flett on 12 June 2009
I believe Johnnie Walls donated his boys Ba to be replayed Christmas Day 1965 can anyone confirm?
Anonymous comment added on 29 October 2011
Correction, Should be New Years day 1965 (boys Ba), can anyone confirm.
Anonymous comment added on 31 October 2011
He definately donated both his Ba's,and also his uncle Bob Reid's Ba to be replayed for. I have no idea of the fate of Bob Reid's boys ba.

I have no idea who won Johnnie's boy's ba the second time around but his men's ba's was won by Jackie Scott-doonie--1-1-1965.

The three ba's would all have been replayed for around about this time I imagine.
Added by Peter Burges on 31 October 2011
Me and my mother always wondered what happened to his ba, so that could be right enough.
Added by Dawn Hourston on 01 November 2011
Johnie's boys Ba was played for again on New Years Day 1965 and was won by Uppie Raymond Youngson. Think it was thrown up by Mrs Peggie Gibson. Bob Reid won his Boys Ba on New Years day 1909.
Added by George Drever on 01 November 2011
I am the son of Myrna Walls who is the late Johnnie's daughter. That makes me his Grandson:) I live in Stromness but was born very far sooth. I would be delighted to hear from any relations or friends of Johnnie
Added by Keith Austen on 02 November 2011
Thank you George very much for this information.
I was very sure someone "out there" would have a record.
I am sure Johnnie's relations will be glad to know this piece of family history.
Peter Burges (Nephew.)

Added by Peter Burges on 02 November 2011
Peter John Robertsons book Uppies & Doonies particularly page 99 &100 gives details of Johnnie's battle to win his boys Ba. Not many like him, a great Orcadian.
Anonymous comment added on 05 November 2011
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