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St Ola at Stromness Harbour
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St Ola at Stromness Harbour

St Ola docking at Stromness Harbour. The date is a guess, I have assumed that the bunting is up for Stromness Shopping Week, which started in 1948, and the ship was scrapped in 1951. Perhaps someone with a knowledge of cars can tell us about the car in the foreground.
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Picture added on 15 July 2008
Scrapped! In picture #10645 it states that the Ola/Magnus was sunk by a German Uboat but I guess it was just for the film - Spy in Black - which I still have not seen. Also called Uboat 29. I have read the book but the Ola is not mentioned in the story, only at the end do we see a super photo of her.

Could the car be a Sunbeam Supream (Talbot)?

Added by Barbara on 18 July 2008
I would say it is one of the early streamlined Austins.
Note the many Egg Boxes in the foreground - one of Orkney's big exports in Post war years.
Added by W Mackay on 18 July 2008
Gordie, The car is a 10 hp Sunbeam Talbot. See new photo I submitted at week-end. Regards Ron.
Added by Ron Greatrix on 19 July 2008
Looks like the "Longa" or similar in the background.
Added by Fred Johnston on 19 July 2008
You know this Fred when I wiz goane "tae the creels wea mee brither" in the early 1970s the "Longa" wid be in Longhope Bay and I kin mind steaman through the cinders and clinker fae the fires o the "Longa".
Whur uncle Jimmy Thomson wiz fire man on her at that time, he then joined the Jura" but did not like her as much as the "Longa"

The "Longa" must hiv' been the last coal burner aboot here??

Added by John Budge on 19 July 2008
I think the Sunbeam-Talbot is actually an 80 or 90.
Added by Paul Sutherland on 20 July 2008
Wiz it the "Longa" that went on one o the islands in the Firth o Forth and never gaed again?.
Added by John Budge on 21 July 2008
No John, I think that was the "Switha". She was still there the last time I was in the Forth.
Added by Fred Johnston on 21 July 2008
John on Ships Nostalgia it says its the Switha that is wrecked off Inchkeith . I remember her there around 1980 with her back broken.
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 21 July 2008
Added by Mike N on 21 July 2008
Na John, that wis the Switha. Old Gordon wis on her. I mind him showin me her engine room wi the triple expansion engine.
Added by William Watters on 21 July 2008
What is the car on the deck of the Ola? Who said they didn't have Ro-Ros before the 3rd Ola! Would you like to drive your car down two narrow wooden ramps?
Added by Bruce Gorie on 26 December 2012
The car on the deck is right beside the winch so I'm guessing that could be another way of getting on board! I remember watching the loading or unloading of many things by winch into St.Ola II during the 1960s. My grandfather, Jock Tait, was the winchman in the 1950s and early 1960s.
Added by Alison Hepburn on 24 December 2013
Alison, So far as I am aware vehicles were all driven on board. Initially this was done by the owners but after a lady driver put her foot on the accelerator rather than the brake and was drowned when she drove across the deck and into the harbour the task fell to the Mate.

I don't think the winch was strong enough to lift a complete vehicle on board. One must remember that the old Ola was not a big boat!

Bryce Wilson, in his new Book on Stromness has on page 202 a photograph of the front wheels of a car being winched over the edge of the pier so that it could be driven down the ramps.

My mother mentioned at one time that the Ola could carry six small cars but I gather that it took some manoeuvring to fit them all in.
Added by Bruce Gorie on 05 January 2014
Thanks a lot Bruce! I love the way folk on this website gently keep each other right! I've learned a lot about my family history through these little details as well as having trips down memory lane. Keep up the good work!
Added by Alison Hepburn on 15 January 2014
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