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On the Elsa, 1965.
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On the Elsa, 1965.

In reply to John Budge's comment on picture #24668, the two Flotta-born men he mentioned. On the left my father, Malcolm Sutherland (1925-88), and on the right his brother Eric (1921-95). Not giving a cheery wave this time! Date estimated.
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Picture added on 02 February 2011 at 15:32
Thank you Paul for pittan on this photo, hid jist minded me on, I winder if miby Tom Sutherland o "Stanstain" maybe gead oot wae them on a trip doon tae the eddy o Brims, I seem tae mind a big man in the boat sometimes. Is that possible. Yae can take a Flotta man oot o Flotta bit you will niver take Flotta oot the man!!. Me mither came fae that Isle.
Added by John Budge on 02 February 2011
The Elsa broke up in the gale last night ; at the Pan pier in Flotta. All that is left is the bow and stern. A sad end to a good boat.
Added by Anon on 04 February 2011
What a damn shame, a boat like that is pert o whur heritage. Buying a boat should be like adoptan a bairn. You should have tae prove that you will be a "areing and responsable owner afore yea can taak hid home. A sad end tae a boat that gave so much pleasure tae the Sutherland Brithers and aam sure ithers forby.
Added by John Budge on 07 February 2011
A sad end right enough. Strange it should happen when these photos were being discussed. To answer John's question in his first comment, I think it was usually Eric's son David and Dod Smith from Wellington Street that went out with them, with maybe other folk for the odd trip. My father was never out in the Elsa after 1976 or so, but Eric still used her each summer for about ten years after that. She was always taken out of the water in the winter.
Added by Paul Sutherland on 09 February 2011
Aye many a time they wid call in tae the 'Waaster Noust' tae pick up Tom an Jock Sutherland headin for Brims. So sad aboot the 'Elsa:
Added by Ian Robertson on 10 February 2011
Aye jist like a death in the family,Thanks Ian for the referance tae the "Westar Noust" taks back so many memories o the hoose names and places Grandad and Ga Ga aye spoke aboot. I mind them sayan that all the way round the bay fae the Kirk and West hid yoles hauled and dingies in atween, I guess most hooses in Flotta wid hin a yole and a dingy in them days. Also I believe Stroma Herrin boats were hauled up in Pan Bay for the winter, is that correct? Whur Grand Father wiz on a herrin boat called the "Mashona" and I am led tae believe she was skippered by an Omand man fae Dearness and others o the crew were fae Holm. Wid that be correct?.
Added by John Budge on 11 February 2011
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