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looks like Breakaway with Lawerence Celli. Towing boat is the Elsa with Erik Sutherland at the wheel. Some old numbers for you Raymond???

[Looks like Holm to me... Steven]
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Picture added on 20 January 2011 at 14:27
Certainly a Holm regatta. Albacore K683 - Ian Eunson I think. Picture shows main sheet from end of boom all the other Albacores used centre sheeting system for main sheet. Mizpah was sail number 2006, and she certainly had centee main system.
Come on Steven give us a larger version!
The 505 on beach could be Lintie. According to Holm SC site Leslie Tait raced Skidbladner up to 1984.

[This is the biggest version I've got Raymond- WW should be able to oblige though...- Steven]
Added by Raymond Grieve on 20 January 2011
Back in the early 1970s two brothers Flotta born one fae Rossland Garage and I think the other worked at the Highland Park used tae come doon tae the Eddy o Brims,tae fish for cod, wid this be the same boat? I do mind she was a big able boat,they aye gead a big cheery wave as the passed us by.
Where would the "Elsa" if that was here name have been built and where is she now?.
I think they kept their boat at Holm?.
Added by John Budge on 21 January 2011
Thats the boys.
Eric worked at the Highland park. I think the Elsa is still about but with a cabin on top.Last seen in Stromness and I believe there is a pic on this website.
Added by William Watters on 21 January 2011
picture #10746
Added by William Watters on 21 January 2011
This version is bigger than the original.

[Pictures less than 760 pixels across get stretched in height (and width) to fit the width of the page- Steven]
Added by William Watters on 21 January 2011
The Elsa was built by Duncan's in Burray about 1957-58 The boat is now in Flotta having been purchased by a Flotta resident a week or so ago.
Added by Anon on 22 January 2011
Does any one know what happened to the Elskit? It had a green canvas top and was used at the Holm regattas way back in the sixties.
Added by Barbara (Jolly) Watt on 27 January 2011
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