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'Indoor' garden in Cava
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'Indoor' garden in Cava

A picture of the garden which the two ladies on Cava had created. This garden if I remember was inside a derelict house. The four walls of the house provided shelter. It was an amazing achievement
Picture added on 01 December 2010 at 11:51
"Ida Woodhams built the gardens up from scratch, building up the walls, hedges and digging the ground up. She made a garden inside one of the of the old buildings. The ladies Ida & Meg lived on Cava for 27 1/2 yrs leaving in 1993".
Added by Richard Evans on 02 December 2010
Where did they go when they left? I loved visiting them but lost touch when I went off to college . I remember Ida was a talented artist & Meg could was the gadget expert! Once a year they would set off on a tour of all their friends in the UK on their ancient motorcycle & side car

Added by Hazel Chisholm (sim) on 03 July 2013
Ida was my wife`s auntie, we both remember Cava very well.
Added by Malc Crayford on 21 November 2013
They left Cava in 1993 and moved to a pair of caravans in Orphir (after a brief stay up the hill at Scorradale I believe). Subsequently to a bungalow in Kirkwall.
Added by Richard Clubley on 27 July 2015
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