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Seaweed on scapa beach, well I like it and it is in Orkney, a bit of real Orcadian weed
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Picture added on 08 July 2008
Can't some bright spark extract something from seeweed that would run a car?
Added by Ian Cameron on 10 July 2008
Fucus! (it's pronounced fyookus fortunately). Fucus Serratus this one is, one of the species that were cut dried and burnt as 'kelp'. It's not edible but a lot of the brown seaweeds around the Orkney shore are.
Added by Dave Smith on 10 July 2008
Nice pic Hamish. I hadn't seen that stuff for years. It brings back many memories of childhood in Orkney seaside joy.
Added by Sterlingstarling on 11 July 2008
It was the most interesting thing on Scapa Beach that day lol
Added by Shr00m on 11 July 2008
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