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Hamish Shearer

Gloup panorama Hamish writes: 'Was out at the gloup on sinday (well sunday is slightly boring ) took a few picture...
Burwick receding 'This is a pic taken with my mobile from the Burwick Ferry as I left to go back to Inverness- its be...
Cliff (and the shadows) 'This is a pic I took while walking along the cliffs to the Broch of Deerness, maybe the adjustments...
Panorama from Orphir 'A picture taken from Orphir , it hasnt been touched up ....... shr00m'
Hoy Sound 'This pic is a bit grainy but still looks nice, you can just see the Hamnavoe coming through the wat...
Ruined cottage in Orphir 'Pic of a ruined cottage in Orphir with Hoy hills in background......shr00m'
Ruined cottage in Orphir 'The same ruined cottage in Orphir from a different angle ...... shr00m' thumb #780 - the picture...
Stoned Flagstones on warbeth beach
Weed Seaweed on scapa beach, well I like it and it is in Orkney, a bit of real Orcadian weed
Scores of boats The Marina, I was quite surprised at how clear the water was.
Grass A pic o the toon fae carness.... thats sent the spellchecker haywire.
The Dark Tower Liked the way the spire was framed betwixt the trees, last of my photos from my yearly sojourn home.

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