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new tourist office with signage
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new tourist office with signage

This is the new tourist office building with the VERY CLEAR signage which has to be read downwards from the "I" sign on the top of the building. It looks like a mid blue colour of lettering on a black or dark grey background and is very difficult to see never mind read.
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Picture added on 06 August 2008
Marion, your pics make it quite clear: What used to be the OTB, easy to find in a prime location, is reduced to a VisitScotland hub operating from the "backyard" ... ;-)
Added by Wolfgang Schlick on 07 August 2008
Surprise .. it's as ugly as the building.....0/10..
Added by Mark Ridgway on 07 August 2008
If I had a pound for every tourist that I have had to give directions to the Tourist Office this summer.......
Added by Anon on 07 August 2008
Looks like someone tried to build a new Moosie Tooer, but hadn't a clue.
Added by Sandy on 07 August 2008
you should see how many ridgway travel direct to the new east german border control point...
Added by Mark Ridgway on 07 August 2008
As with most of the other new builds locally the building lacks character and says nothing about Orkney, local architecture or buildings. Could they not have designed something more in keeping with Orkney's culture. Who is responsible for the design of the building and who for the signage? A nice picture of them standing in front of it would be good????????
Added by Marion Mcleod on 07 August 2008
Looks like someone tried to build something and gave up half way, Where do they get these people from MARS ??? Sorry to anyone from Mars :)
Added by Colin Mcbeath on 07 August 2008
Had a private individual wanted to build a shop on that space and submitted that plans, do you think it would have been passed for that area ?
Added by Arthur S on 08 August 2008
They could still solve the problem by putting a large exclamation mark information symbol in the centre of the albino bean tin. It would be visible from the top of Castle Street.
Added by Sandy on 08 August 2008
They say that the colours were chosen from the new Orkney flag. Pity we should keep the old one. Red stripe with yellow lettering would stand out well I think !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous comment added on 09 August 2008
Whatever happened to the strict Planning Rules which were in place during the 70's when one business man in Kirkwall had to keep moving the position of his newbuild house in the field he owned out in the country, yes that was extreme, but the pendulum has swung the other way and the Planning Department seems to prefer 'the uglier the better'. Who's taking over the old Tourist Office, will it house overspill from the gigantic Council Office?

Added by Elizabeth on 11 August 2008
I have been asked for directions to the Travel Centre a few times, and so have other people. Some signs are badly needed.
Added by Sandy on 12 August 2008
I was stopped up Junction Road by a visitor a few week ago, after he had just driven past the place, and he asked " Do you know where the tourist information is". So I replied "yes, do you" After we both had a good laugh over the comment he turned and made his way back down the road. He did comment on how such an important building for tourists was so poorly signposted.

Even with the new signs, it is not clear when driving past what the building is. The I up at the top is no use for drivers.
Added by Game for a laugh. on 12 August 2008
Other requests I regularly get are for directions to the local museum and "the gardens" [presumably Tankerness House Gardens]. There are no signs further down the street to direct visitors. Even right at the museum the signage is not eyecatching and visitors miss seeing it. What we need is the old information board that used to be at the old Post Office on Broad Street but a newer version with all the places identified. Anyone know a good cheap signmaker?? Mind you it would probably need planning permission and all that!
Added by Marion Mcleod on 12 August 2008
mind you its no worse than the ould baikies wid yard
Added by John Schollay on 13 August 2008
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