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The County Men
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The County Men

County men that worked up in the hill laying the pipes.
Back row left to right.
David Learnmonth, ?Sutherland, ?Fraser, Johnny Cload.
Middle row.
David Gillespie, Edwin Laughton, Jock Stout, Davie Seatter.
Jacky Norquoy.
The lorry if I remember correctly was a Thames Trader and the only brand new one that was ever sent out by the County Council.
Picture added on 29 February 2008
Wonder if that would be Jim o the noddle and Hughie Fraser. I think maybe Jock o the Noddle worked at Lyness
Added by Allan Besant on 01 March 2008
Is it Jimmy Sutherland and Hughie Fraser ??
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 01 March 2008
Beryl, that was Jimmy Sutherland o' the noddle and Alastair Fraser(married Kathleen Harcus).
Added by Stewart Taylor on 01 March 2008
Great photo Beryl I think your missing names are Jimmy Sutherland o' the Noddle, & Jimmy Fraser who moved here fae Strathaladale,
I mind the Thames Trader fine she ended her days at Groats. "Plum" hid a few "misanters" wae her. Your faither looked efter that larry like shae wiz his bairn.
Added by John Budge on 01 March 2008
Sorry Beryl that is Hughie Fraser, Ali's father.
Added by Stewart Taylor on 02 March 2008
Stewart, that's Alastair's father Hughie. He came from Strathalladale as John said.
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 03 March 2008
How forgetfull we become in our older years. I knew fine that it was Hughie Fraser, but "mee recall button is not as good as it once was".
I mind after Hughie came here he got a job on a large sheep farm, but some of the sheep ended up in the wrong area. When the boss challenged Hughie on the matter he stated with Highland wit "ach well they wont get off the Island".
I think the term used today would be "unsuitable for purpose". He was sacked!!

Added by John Budge on 04 March 2008
Eric Groat & myself repainted the same lorry with the Groat's colours :- Blue & Yellow. I was some chuffed to get a truck to drive that stopped when you used the brakes.
Added by Stewart Taylor on 04 March 2008
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