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The Old Kirkyard, Wyre
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The Old Kirkyard, Wyre

This stile was the only way in and out of the Kirkyard
Picture added on 05 February 2004
I was once told by a man just up from the kirk The only reason there was no Gates on this part of the graveyard was that the builder had gone on the drink spent all the money for the gates and had to build the stone steps instead it was an interesting story for a youngster to hear then
Added by Rodney Delday on 28 May 2011
Hi Rodney! The story I heard was that it was to make sure the kye couldn't get into the kirkyard.
I wonder how many other stories might have been given as the reason for it?
Added by Isobel Irvine on 30 May 2011
Stairway to Heaven!
Added by Beryl Simpson on 01 June 2011
Hi Isobel the one about the cattle is probably the real story. Great times out there, sadly some of the story tellers have gone but never forgotten. I must try and upload some photos soon you should know some of them take care x
Added by Rodney Delday on 01 June 2011
Yae were aye a bit daft Beryl, fine tae see yae hivna changed.
Added by John Budge on 03 June 2011
There is similar access tae The Middlemores Grave in Melster and I was telt as a bairn that hid wis keep the kye oot as weel.
Added by David Watters on 03 June 2011
I wid like to think Rodney's version is true
Added by Vince on 05 June 2011
I'll look forward to seeing them, Rodney X
Added by Isobel Irvine on 06 June 2011
I suppose there are no many trees in Wyre for making wooden gates which funny enough there are wooden gates at the other end oh the kirkyard and the kye did get in through them some times. Saved me cuttan the grass but we had to straighten the stones up again oh happy days.
Added by Rodney Delday on 06 June 2011
I've heard that suicides wirno allowed in through the gate bit the 'ragstones' wir left aff o bit for the coffin tae be passed ower.

This can be seen in North Ronaldsay an, I think, Stenness,an maybe more.

In Sanday they wir buried ootside the dyke.
Is this why there's no 'rag' at the side o the gate here?
Added by Tommy Garrioch on 16 June 2011
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