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Looking up the Back Road
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Looking up the Back Road

Alan sends in this picture taken by his father in law, Andy Wylie.

We're looking up Junction Road past what was Croys Motormarket, and Peaces Bus Station. The building with the tin roof in the foreground has been demolished, replaced and the replacement building demolished and replaced since this picture. The building which replaced it housed JB Wylie's butcher shop, and also a furniture showroom which was latterly also Alistair Learmonth's TV business. Now all the Kiln Corner office and housing development.

The van turning into Burnmouth Road says Glaitness Laundry on the side, with the Glaitness Laundry being where the long low building at the High Street end of Glaitness Road still is, that Orkney Factors used to be in. A large brick chimney marked the spot until 10-20 years ago.
Picture added on 30 September 2004
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Corner of Junction and Burnmouth Roads
I think that it was Alister Dewar and the shop was called Telecare
Added by Mick Harcus on 22 October 2006
The Glaitness laundry was in the building that was occupied by Pentland Auto Electrical (Orkney Factors were in Wellington Street).The Laundry used to sound their whistle every day I think @ 12.30. It could be heard all over kirkwall
Anonymous comment added on 23 October 2006
You can still hear whistle if you are near Scapa during the summer!
Johnnie Meil at Dykend in St Ola has it fitted on his steam powered boat which he uses in the summer months.
Added by Craig Taylor on 23 October 2006
Alistair Dewar was in TELECARE which was on the corner in Jim Wylies old Butchers shop. Alistair Learmonth, among many others over the years, was in the main shop.
I seem to remember the Glaitness whistle sounding at 1.30pm, as it was just before we went back to school after lunch
Anonymous comment added on 26 October 2006
My late father who was a haulage contractor kept one of his lorrys in this building on Burnmouth Road about 1948-1950 so the lorry could well bave belonged to him. His name was Tom Sclater and he then built a garage out the Peedie Sea road, which is still there near the Co-op.
Added by Norma Craigie on 16 January 2007
about this time Harry Cordock had a TV & Electrical shop between the building with the tin roof and the Gent's Toilet and next to that the Town Council had a garage where the Rolls Royce Hearse was kept. Then there was a small yard by Miller's cycle showroom and nearer Ayre Road was a Ladies toilet. I had a feeling somebody had a car/bike repair business in the building with the tin roof - Tom Sclater's Lorry was at the Peerie Sea by the time I remember. Reynold Johnstone of course opened the Tyre Depot next door in Burnmouth Road.
Added by W Mackay on 27 January 2008
Lyn Groundwater recalls that when the building with the rusty tin roof was demolished they found a wellington with a foot in it.
Added by Alan Hale on 26 December 2010
The lorry was a grey painted 7 ton SWB Morris Commercial tipper belonging to Kirkwall Town Council. One of its jobs was to carry stone chips from Walliwall Quarry to Bill Johnston's concrete block factory. Bill Leonard had a bike shop in the building with the rusty roof.
Added by Edwin Rendall on 30 December 2010
Did Bill Leonard no hiv a garage round the corner under the tin roof ??.
Added by Ron Marwick on 31 December 2010
The building with the tin roof as far back as i can remember was Bill and Leslie Leonard"s cycle repair and car hire business
Added by Jim Marwick on 31 December 2010
I think the laundry whistle sounded at the start & end of morning & afternoon shifts ie 8am, 12.30, 1.30 & 5pm.
A little story - my late uncle worked at the Kirkwall Hotel in the late 40's. His work colleague, who was from the sooth, asked about the whistle & my uncle told him that it was the train leaving & he believed it.
This person obviously not investigated all the means of getting to Kirkwall!!!
Anonymous comment added on 03 January 2011
This was the original cycle shop, which opened for business in 1905, (picture #861).
The garage was in Burnmouth Road (as shown in picture #23773), which Reynold Johnstone turned into a tyre depot.
Added by Grant Leonard. on 04 January 2011
I went to work at ATS which used to beJjohnstones tyre place next door to Ali Learmonths when I was at school and then when I left school..
Added by Magnus Mowat on 16 October 2011
I believe Freya House was in fact the original School at Evie. I holidayed there - a wonderful area and holiday.
Can you CONFIRM this was the Old Evie School?
Added by June Paterson on 18 December 2023
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