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Terminal 1, Westray
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Terminal 1, Westray

Westray terminal building which housed the bathroom scales (if the inspector was visiting) ! 1964
Picture added on 08 January 2014 at 12:10
Not 1964,the car on the left is a Renault 16 which was launched in 1965. This one has the "D" suffix which was for cars registered in 1966. The other car is a Rover 2000.
Added by David Tullock on 08 January 2014
Must be later 1964, as the Renault 16 seems to have a "D" year letter ( 1966) Also, the tractor is an "H" reg which were issued between 1 August 1969 – 31 July 1970.
Added by Al Hine on 09 January 2014
Are you sure of your date as I was on the first Loganair flight to Sanday and Stronsay in September 1967
Added by Ian Tulloch on 11 January 2014
Think the photo is later than 1966. The reg. of the tractor is H which would be nearer 1970/71, and does not look brand new.
Added by Alastair on 12 January 2014
OOPS! It was 1970. Always check the date is right if there is a car in the picture even if it is not a Ford. ;-)
Added by Jim Corse. on 13 January 2014
I weighed the first ever parcel carried by Loganair to the North Isles in 1964. I too used bathroom scales. The weighing was done in the Orkney Island Shipping Company office at 4 Ayre Road.
Added by Sandy Windwick on 13 January 2014
Also the H reg tractor makes it either 1969/70, or later.
Added by Al Hine on 14 January 2014
I suspect the Rover 2000 probably belonged to the late Jack Scott of Skaill and if my memory serves me correctly it had a reg no of EYG544C it was light blue though it looks white in the photo.
It was sold to Mr Scott by the late Malcom Bain of N End Garage in Stromness in exchange for a metallic blue Ford Escort which was possibly ABS998F
Added by Willie Mackay on 20 January 2014
The tractor reg is BBS 598H which would make it 1969 or 1970
Added by Gordon Stove on 23 January 2014
I would say it was 1970 as BBS596H a Ford Cortina was first registered on 10th March 1970
Added by David Tullock on 28 January 2014
Loganair only started operating to the isles in September 1967, the dates on the Loganair website and Wikipedia are wrong. Many people are copying the 1964 date. The BN2 was only certified for passenger operations in 1967 according to Britten Norman
Added by David Miller on 04 February 2014
Me dad deud hiv a rover, so if it was at the airfield he was mibbe in the toon! No sign o' him in the hut or near the tractor!! Thanks for posting this. Happy memories!
Added by Jacqui Hirst on 16 March 2014
Willie the "old grey matter" is still working. You were not too far out with the Escort registration number, it was ABS995F. The car was an Escort 1300 Super Saloon sold to Mr Scott, Skaill Westray, colour Blue Mink and first registered on 29th Jan 1968.
Added by David Tullock on 02 April 2014
That wis the Rover I scraped going through the airfield gate to clear the kye aff the runway.. however if your dates are right I must have been driving seriously underage! By the way that tractor still looks as good as new. Thanks for the memories.
Added by Fiona Cowan on 24 May 2014
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