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Full moon and Hoy Sound
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Full moon and Hoy Sound

Full moon and Hoy Sound Low light, from a slide shot in 1974.
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Picture added on 09 December 2011 at 15:42
Nice photo Ian.

Added by Michael Thomson on 12 December 2011
Thank you Michael. I have very few moonlight pics, and most of them are rubbish. This one sort of worked almost half a lifetime ago.
Added by Ian Hourston on 12 December 2011
Hi Laureen,Thank you for posting my note to you. Since leaving, the experience runs over and over in my mind. I dream about the color of the water, the Blue KooKoo Wrase who I swear followed me to each dive site and the World War I and II ships at the bottom of the North Sea that holds so much mystery. I will hold on to this gift forever and hope that I can find this type of experience again. It has opened a whole new world to me. I was never an avid diver until this experience as I was always a bit timid about it. But now, thanks to the Jedi Mind tricks of my Dive Instructor, I find myself looking up flights to other exotic places to dive and even to go back to Stromness! I have found a new passion. I won't bore anyone but I could write for hours about what I saw and what I did and even just what it is like to be anonymous for 4 days in the north sea. What a life you will have for the next year and I cannot believe you are 70. I would never have guessed when I met you. Keep living and I hope to still be heading on such adventures in 35 years! Nicole, Canada
Added by Clarissa on 01 September 2012
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