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Pirate Gow Restaurant
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Pirate Gow Restaurant

Scanned 23 February 2011, did you ever eat in there? This was "upstairs" somewhere in Kirkwall, the question is where? ( I know, I'm just wondering how many of you remember it & where it was)

[On Bridge Street? I think they went bust because people kept stealing their coasters :-)- Steven]

[P.S. No of course they didn't.]
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Picture added on 24 February 2011 at 11:15
The Pirate Gow restaurant was above (and part of) the Torvhaug. It was opened by the original developer of the site, Jim Lee of Loganair pilot fame.
Added by John Miller on 24 February 2011
This was the upstairs Restaurant in the Torvaug Inn,Bridge St. Ron Spiers bought the Torvaug from Jim Lee,former Loganair Pilot and closed the Restaurant upstairs, but a year after the Licencing Board made him reopen the Restaurant again, it cost him dearly as he had sold all the equipment and tables and chairs. We redecorated all the Upstairs and was asked to the reopening night, Ron had bought a Cockatoo in a huge Cage,hence the name "Pirate Gow".We were unfortunate enough to be seated near to the Bird and flew about in the Cage scattering Bird seed and everything else all over the place,needless to say he had to remove it. A good night was had by one and all.Added by Phil Brough.
Added by Phil Brough. on 24 February 2011
Upstairs in the Torvhaug
Added by Anonymous2 on 24 February 2011
The Pirate Gow was the "upstairs" of the Torvaug Inn and what a super bar supper you got. The Ship Inn was were the Dil Se is now.
Added by Sylvie Leonard on 24 February 2011
Upstairs in the Torvhaug, if my memory serves me well?
Added by E Cooper on 24 February 2011
Torvhaug Inn was the place Al
Added by Kenny Thomson on 24 February 2011
Was that upstairs in the Torvhaug? Was there a parrot or Cockatoo in there too?
Added by Maureen Firth on 24 February 2011
It was upstairs in the torvoug. the meals were really good. If I mind right there was a white bird always sat in the corner of the room...honest!!!
Added by Hazel on 25 February 2011
This was a great restaurant upstairs in the Torvhaug. Davie Hutch was the chef and he made a fantastic chicken Vindaloo.

Anonymous comment added on 25 February 2011
Upstairs in the Torvhaug
Added by Bruce Moar on 26 February 2011
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