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XSV Loyal Proctor
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XSV Loyal Proctor

XSV Loyal Proctor in Scapa.
Picture added on 20 December 2010 at 19:16
HI Willie, I remember this boat in stromness from time to time when John Miller, Bill Sabiston and i think his daughter, Alan Moorhouse and a few other's whos names have slipped my mind were on her. Any idea of the boats where abouts these days if she's still on the go ?
Added by Colin McBeath on 20 December 2010
I last heard of her called either The North Wind or The East Wind and working in Greece
Added by William Watters on 25 December 2010
Its Eastwind,sold to Argostdi,Kafalonia,Greece.
Added by Tommy Kirkpatrick on 27 December 2010
The orkney crew were Billy Sabiston, Harry Sabiston, Ivan Breck, Victor Breck, Carl Tait, Alton Tait, Jim Tate, Sandy Smith, Toni ? and a few others that I can't recall at the moment. Myself Willie Mitchell Permanent Mech i/c. I spent `11 marvellous years with the Orkney, Thurso, Stornoway & Inverness crews My best regards to all in the North of Scotland hope they are all well - Willie.
Added by William Mitchell on 22 December 2011
Willie, sadly Billy Sabiston, Sandy Smith, Tony o Starra are no longer with us and I think both the Brecks are gone too.
Added by Willie Watters on 29 December 2011
thanks for photograph Willie of the Birsay Navy's holiday boat - I sailed on her with the Thurso crew - I can only remember Hughie Bewes and the Thurso optician Harry who was I think head of unit for a while - we carried out the Royal Oak wreath ceremony in her one year & I remember we had a mechanic who sailed with her and watched we did not do too much damage - I think we damaged the port side coming alongside in Invergordon in 1975 not as racy looking as the ham class inshore minesweepers we had before that - do you have any photos of them too?
Added by David Bennett on 13 January 2012
Hi there I am the grandson of a man called Tom Couch who has now passed. I found an old tankard in his belongings and on it said "To Tom Couch from crew of Loyal Proctor 'live ex Team work 84'" can anyone tell me if this is the boat he was on?
Added by Robbie Stewart on 10 January 2013
Loyal Proctor took part in Team work 84 and the name is familiar.
Added by W Watters on 16 January 2013
Just to inform you all if you didn't already know that William Mitchell (my father) sadly passed away in march. He was 72 years old and he had told me many stories over the years of the great times he had up your neck of the woods.

Best regards
N Mitchell
Added by N Mitchell on 22 September 2013
Fond memories of several trips on the Proctor sailing around the North coastline whilst serving with the Aberdeen Unit. Sadly missed.
Added by David Cruickshank on 27 October 2013
Hi everyone, I am sitting here with my dad Iain Sinclair MBE who was a member of the Thurso Unit, where he was Head of Unit in the later days of the RNXS he was SPNXO -Orkney. He is now 82 this year and has very fond memories of the RNXS experience, he loved the Loyal Proctor and the various expeditions on her. He passes on his best regards to everyone who remembers him......
Added by Dougie Sinclair on 02 March 2014
Oh we remember him ok. Usually we had weekend exercises, especially on Saturdays and he would escape to listen to the radio if some football team from Glasgow were playing. Once the boss tied him by the leg to the ops room table to stop him escaping.Can you tell him his arch nemesis, Gordon Ivol passed away a few weeks ago. I am still involved with the old place at Scapa with the Sea Cadets who have it now.
Added by W Watters on 02 March 2014
As a very young man enjoyed more than fourteen years sailing the 'old girl' eventually as Charge Engineer visiting many places, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, France and Jersey not to mention all of the west coast, north Isles. So many great times and great folk. Sad to hear of Willie Mitchell passing away he was a gem and such good company as so many other RNXS Volunteers. An experience in live which has never been matched! Best regards to all..
Added by David Manson on 08 July 2014
My Granda was in the RNXS in Thurso, David Paul. He passed about ten years ago but my Gran still has a plaque on the wall from the unit that he was given when he left. Coincidentally I also sailed with Willie Mitchell's son Nicol for a few years on the tugs in Rosyth.-A small world!
Added by Chris Ryan on 09 May 2015
Does anyone remember George Jennings as one of the crew?
Added by Steve Danby on 31 October 2019
Yes, remember 'Shaky' very well. I don't know if he is still on the go or not.
Added by W Watters on 11 November 2019
David Cruickshank put a comment on this site six years ago, sadly he passed away 25th September 2019. He missed the 'Proctor' when the RNXS was disbanded but had the best of times on board ship.
Added by Irene Cruickshank on 12 November 2019
Hi W Watters. Was Shaky you refer to George Jennings?
Added by Steve Danby on 15 November 2019
That's him. I spoke to a daughter of one of his friends in Kirkwall and she said they spoke to him last year. He is in England.
Added by W Watters on 15 November 2019
Yes he lives in West Bromwich
Added by Steve Danby on 16 November 2019
I do Georges garden for him on a regular basis. He has fond memories of his time on the Proctor
Added by Steve Danby on 17 November 2019
Tell him Olive was asking for him.
Added by W Watters on 18 November 2019
Will do I will tell him about this site too
Added by Steve Danby on 21 November 2019
Hi Everyone, just wanted you to know that my dad Iain Sinclair MBE passed away on 1st August 2023, after a very short illness, very peacefully and holding my hand. He recently celebrated his 91st birthday, hope they have a Loyal Proctor in heaven, cause you can be absolutely certain, he is on it. He just loved the RNXS, that is for sure.
Added by Dougie Sinclair on 04 August 2023
A true gent.
Added by William Kirkness Watters on 08 September 2023
Our neighbours when we lived in Thurso at 6 Hakon Road from 1974 to 1978 was Esther and Dave Paul and he was on this boat sometimes.
Added by Beryl Simpson on 11 September 2023
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