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Fish washed up at Scapa
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Fish washed up at Scapa

Some kind of fish washed up at Scapa beach today,29/10/10.
Anyone know what it is?
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Picture added on 29 October 2010 at 17:57
Its a Rays Bream , lots of them washed up around this time last year
Added by John Wells on 29 October 2010
Is it a Sea Bream?
Added by Neil Johnstone on 29 October 2010
A Norwegian Blue Parrot fish by the look of it.It is no more and looks quite Ex !!
Added by Tim Wright on 29 October 2010
Atlantic pomfret or Ray's bream. - Good old Google!
Added by Max Fletcher on 30 October 2010
Don't go in the water its a hellish vicious piranha
Added by Any Port on 30 October 2010
Possibly a young Opah?
Added by Ian Hourston on 30 October 2010
Looks like a Ray's Bream.
Added by Dave Smith on 30 October 2010
Some type of Sea-Bream? Possibly a Gilthead (Sparus aurata)- though they are not usually found so far north, or a Black Sea-Bream (Spondyliosoma cantharus).
Ask someone in the Field Club.
Added by Hazel Malpass on 30 October 2010
... not sure, but it looks like a Dorade Royale (Sparus aurata) ... normally living in the Mediterranian Sea.
Small numbers living in coastal regions of the North Atlantic and very seldom in North Sea waters.
Try fishbase.org ...

Added by Wolfgang on 30 October 2010
On second thoughts, a species of Pomfret?
Added by Ian Hourston on 30 October 2010
I am sure this is a Ray's Bream. An annual visitor in the North Sea.
Very tasty flesh.
Added by Alan Craigie on 31 October 2010
try Bream- I found one like that and turned it over to find it had all been eaten, so turned it back and took a photo- so now if you look at the back of the photo-- guess what?
Added by Kenny Meason on 31 October 2010
Ray's Bream
I found about a dozen last year at the Sands o'Wright.
Added by I Cowie on 31 October 2010
It may be a RAY'S BREAM (Brama brama)
Added by Dennis Bullen on 31 October 2010
I'm trying to guess what, Kenny. Is it your name and address?
Anonymous comment added on 03 November 2010
Could it be a brama brama pomfret?
Added by Barbara Jolly on 04 November 2010
for anonymous, the back of the photo had a picture of an all been eaten Ray's bream, identified by a RSM Welsh Guards, on Barry/Buddon camp beach- he was eating a raw carrot at the time
Added by Kenny Meason on 04 November 2010
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