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Kirkwall Grammar School
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Kirkwall Grammar School

Kirkwall Grammar School - My brother Calum Rendall sitting on the bench 4th from left. I don't know the year but he was born in 1947, so 1954?
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Picture added on 29 October 2010 at 17:56
Is that Jim Park 3rd from the right bottom row?
Added by Liz Firth on 30 October 2010
Teacher, Elma Hourston, 2nd.Boy in from top left,? Birnie,next to him Jacky Somerville, and 5th. in from the right, Artie Grant, 3rd.in from the right,? Groundwater.2nd.row,2nd.in from left, Sheila Donaldson, next Bruce Farquhar,5th.in Richard Zawadsky,next Evonne Berston,at the end,one of the Liddle Twins. Bottom row,1 st. left, one of the Chirgwin Girls', 6th.in Pat Linklater, at the end, Douglas Lloyd. Added Phil Brough.
Added by Phil Brough. on 02 November 2010
I think the teacher is Elma Fotheringhame (later Marshall)I recognise a number of faces but can't put names to them all:
Back Row :1st Bobby Wylie; 3rd Bobby Sommerville 4th Ruth Watson 7th Brian Peace 9th Roy Groundwater 10th Colin Omand
Second Row:2nd Sheila Donaldson 3rd Ronnie Keldie 5th Chris Zawadzki
Front Row: 1st Jane Chirgwin 2nd John Schollay 8th Jim Park 10th Dougie Lloyd
Added by Ian M Gibson on 04 November 2010
Back Row: Miss Fotheringhame, Bobby Wylie,? John Linklater, Bobby Sommerville, Ruth Watson, Isabella McCarrie, ? Bobby Walls, Brian Peace, Irene Muir, Roy Groundwater, Colin Omand, Norman Stevenson.

Middle Row: Gilles Buchan, Sheila Donaldson, Ronnie Keldie, Marguerita Johnston, Christopher Zawadski, Yvonne Berstan, Stewart Rendall, Agnes Rosie, Lindsay Guthrie, ? Jane

Front Row: Jane Chirgwin, John Scollay, Pam Leslie, Callum Rendall, Maureen Linklater, Pat Linklater, Sheila McConville, Jimmy Parks, Helen Summers, Dougie Lloyd
Added by Kathleen Keldie on 06 November 2010
Teacher Elma Fotheringham, Bobby Wylie, Stuart? Birnie, Bobby Sommerville, Ruth Watson, Isabella McCary?,?, Brian Peace, Irene Muir, Roy Groundwater,Colin Omand.
2nd row: Gillies Buchan, Sheilah Donaldson, Ronnie Kelday, Marjory Johnstone, Christopher Zawadski, Yvonne Berston,?,Agnes Rosie, ?'?,? Liddle.
Front row: Jane Chirgwin, John Schollay, Pam Leslie, Calum Rendall, Maureen Linklater, Pat Linklater?, Sheila McConville, James Park, Helen?, Douglas Lloyd.
Added by Pam Lyon on 10 November 2010
Thank you for putting this picture up, My father Norman Stevenson is in this photo. This is the first picture I have seen off him as a boy as all there old photographs have been lost over time. It was nice for my father to see also, remind him off his school days
Thank you
Added by Diane Stevenson on 13 November 2010
Thank you so much for posting this. I used to have a copy of this photo until 20 years ago, but threw it away. Brian Peace and Jim Park became really good bass guitarists. John "Nonny" Scholly a drummer, and Colin Omond a guitarist. So did I. Go to Youtube and search The Human Beast. Would love to hear from anyone in this photo. I am a sentimental Scotsman.

[Try http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CywlTzsW9YY - Steven]
Added by Gillies Buchan on 27 January 2011
Sitting on the bench 4th from left, I left Orkney shortly after this photo was taken. Memories are vague,but have kicked in a bit since my brother posted this.
Added by Calum Rendall on 04 February 2011
Gordon Liddle, who looked nothing like his brother. This would have been Primary 3. I was in P4 with Miss Crawford (later Mrs. Kemp) the same year, having had the wonderful Miss Fotheringhame the previous year.
Added by Barbara Johnston on 07 February 2011
Did any of these children (apart from Calum) live in Garrioch Street?
Added by Grace Mears (nee Rendall) on 04 November 2011
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