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Unusual view of Rendall
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Unusual view of Rendall

A strange look at Rendall. The photos were takin on the 14-05-08. The view is six photos stitched together and the wide view compressed to the size of two prints. (approx).
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Picture added on 29 August 2010 at 23:36
... hil(l)arious ... ;-)
Added by Wolfgang Schlick on 30 August 2010
cool :)
Anonymous comment added on 30 August 2010
I like it
Added by Spoot on 30 August 2010
A fine piece of work indeed. The joins are just visible in the large version, but the smaller version works beautifully. One of the best of its kind I've seen. Cheers!
Added by Ian Hourston on 31 August 2010
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