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Pierowall Village, Westray.
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Pierowall Village, Westray.

An old post card which belonged to my father Bill Main, the
year is a rough estimate, I know he was in Westray then.
I cannot make out the Regd No. of the car, it may be the
best way to identify the year.
Picture added on 16 January 2009
Is this the same place as a lot of Councillors were seen wandering aboot last week?
Added by Malcolm Scott on 20 January 2009
Chalmersquoy, the farm nearest on the right, had dykes rebuilt in 1940s.
Toofalls, the house nearest on the left, garden dyke built circa 1947.
The number of telephone wires suggest prior to 1949
Added by John P Drever on 21 January 2009
The roads on Hoy where we live has its main roads wide enough for cars to pass and I thought this was because of all the war time activity, but seeing this road I doubt any of the Hoy roads are as wide as this.
Most impresive indeed, it must have been a lot of work when all the stone was broken by hand, would this have been done by the Lairds who would have owned most of the Island long ago and who were they on Westray? Can anyone tell a nosey bu***r fae the sooth isles!!

Added by John Budge on 21 January 2009
Thanks for your comments. I remember being on holiday in Westray in 1947, so my father may have bought the postcards then.There are others but i think this is the best one. So Mr. Drever may be a lot nearer with his dates than my 1935.
Added by Angus Main on 21 January 2009
Orkney County Council had a quarry near the Skelwick School until 1939. Then after the war they had one north of Pierowall Village where they had crusher, tar boiler and mixer. Most of the main roads were widened and resurfaced.
Added by John P Drever on 26 January 2009
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