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US Ships at Scapa
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US Ships at Scapa

Ship in foreground is US Navy cruiser, USS Wichita, in background is aircraft carrier USS Wasp, which were two of a dozen US ships that joined operations with units of British Home Fleet at Scapa Flow ib April 1942.

My Dad, about 26 at the time, was aboard the USS Wichita, (aka "Wicked Witch") from mid 1939 until the end of the summer 1942, when he headed to Panama and the Pacific.

I had no idea my Dad had ever been to Scapa until recently exploring some of his old records and paraphernalia. Wonder if he had time ashore to visit his grandfather-in-law [James C. Taylor, picture #13345] while at Scapa....?

(Photo of Ships is US Navy Photograph from the collections of the Naval Historical Center, found online at NAVSOURCE.)

Picture added on 12 October 2008
The USS Wasp's aircraft " Eagle Squadron" trained or "worked up" at Hatston {H.M.S.Sparrowhawk} while she was in Scapa Flow. Hatson had become a training station by this time, Twatt had become oprational {H.M.S. Tern} and had become a satellite of Hatston. During exercises some aircraft suffered damage, the damaged aircraft were taken to Scapa Pier from the "Wasp" then transported to Hatston by road.
Added by Lewis Munro on 23 October 2008
They are there for the preparation of Operation Calendar to relieve Malta. The Wasp's aircraft were deployed to Hatston while she kept her Wildcats for fighter cover. The capital ships stayed in Orkney while Wasp and detroyers deployed to the Clyde. Wasp then picked up the Spitfires from King George V Dock in Glasgow and sailed for Malta via Gibralter. Whilst at Hatston the Wasps aircraft carried out patrol duties. Some crews were sent to RNAS Crail for torpedoe training. The operation was repeated in early May as Operation Bowery
Added by Charles E. Mac Kay on 09 September 2013
James C Taylor was in the states in 1942, returned to South Ronaldsay about 1951, having emigrated to Boston Mass, USA, in 1884.

Added by Sallie Thomas on 05 May 2015
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