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Remains of Stronsay Lifeboat Station
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Remains of Stronsay Lifeboat Station

Down at Lower Whitehall all that seems to remain of the lifeboat station is the ramp, with the shed long gone. My understanding is that the Stronsay Lifeboat Station closed in the 50's or 60's after Kirkwall Lifeboat Station opened... but I'm sure someone will have more accurate information than these vague recollections (of things read- I'm not that old).
Picture added on 06 January 2006
Stronsay Lifeboat station was closed in 1972.

I don't know if the slipway was ever used, nor a boathouse acctually built on top of the slipway - I understand it was always kept afloat. Certainly the last boat stationed at Stronsay, the James & Margaret Boyd (1952 - 72), was never put on a slipway but always kept afloat.
Added by Tim Kirton on 19 April 2006
The last lifeboat stationed in Stronsay was called "The John Gellatly Hyndman"
which was stationed there from 1955 - 1972 when the station was closed.
The same boat (ON923) served as relief L/Boat at Stromness in 1984 before the Arun class boat arrived.
Added by Stewart Taylor on 03 July 2007
picture #1261 shows a previous lifeboat in the boathouse.
Added by Stewart Taylor on 04 July 2007
The first Stronsay lifeboat was the John Ryburn stationed in Stronsay from 1909 until 1915. She was anchored offshore until the slipway was built in 1910. A house called Ryburn Cottage was built for the lifeboat engineer at a cost of £300. The station closed in 1915 due to the fact that most of the crew were away fighting in the First World War. The lifeboat shed was taken down in the late 1940s. In 1952, the station re-opened with the arrival of a 47 foot Watson type named the Edward Z.Dresden. She was replaced in 1955 by a new 52 foot Barnet class called the John Gellately Hyndman. Botht hese boats were anchored between the two piers in Whitehall Village. The station closed in 1972.
Added by Bill Miller on 21 December 2008
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