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Mystery Ba picture - the date's a guess This is a mystery Ba picture to be identified. Can anyone say when? The car suggests 50's or later. ...
Rousay Show L - R Timmo Mainland, JJJJJ, Willie Inkster, Jacko Linklater ( Hecklo).
Lifeboat in Kirkwall Basin This photo was taken sometime in the 1970's, and I'm sure it is of the " Grace Paterson Ritchie ". C...
Shearer the Ironmonger's van Another vintage vehicle to view along with picture #2007. Date estimated
Mc Ewen's in Broad St The Ba outside J & M Mc Ewen,s (now OTE ). Date estimated.
HM The Queen & Prince Phillip visit Skara Brae The year of this visit is a complete guess. If anyone knows please add to this pic. As far as I can ...
Victoria St. Stromness. Date estimated. Postcard would have been bought in 1974 on my arrival in Orkney.
Kirkwall Harbour Date estimated. Postcard bought 1974, for sending to New Zealand.
Broad Street Date estimated. Post Card, would have been bought in the early 1970's.
PENTALINA AT JOHN O' GROATS 1970 Early days of the short sea crossing. Pentalina at John o' Groats. Judging by the number of passenge...
Inter County Netball? One of your puctures Kevin? No idea of date here.
Rousay Show Taken at the Rousay Show, guestimate 1970. Only persons I know are Jocko Linklater, holding the cow,...

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