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Mystery Ba picture - the date's a guess
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Mystery Ba picture - the date's a guess

This is a mystery Ba picture to be identified. Can anyone say when? The car suggests 50's or later. Some of the spectators look early 70's but before long hair and flares reached Orkney. The older folk are still in the 50's.

The second mystery is where it's at and where it's going.
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Picture added on 14 October 2006
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The Ba
Christmas Day 1966. See "The Kirkwall Ba', Between the Water and the Wall" pages 31 and 47.
Added by Paul Sutherland on 16 October 2006
The new enlargement system is very good. I can pick out Jake Monkman, Ronnie Drever, Billy Jolly, Bill Sim, Cecil Sinclair. Others I recognise but can't name.
Added by William Watters on 18 October 2006
Spectator top left wearing collar and tie is the late Ali Bruce (Bruce's Stores), to your right is Charlie Miller. Near Jack Monkman is a young Calvin Sclater, then clockwise is.. Bill Thomson, Gordon Rorie (raincoat), David Partner, Jim Leonard, George "Doey" Craigie, Linay Linklater, Jack Scott, Dave "Flash" Walker, David Sinclair, Alan Hutchison, Gary Gibson, Gary Foulis, Jack Donaldson, Dan Grieve, John Robertson, Jackie Miller, David Oddie, Sigurd Spence, Josie Robinson, Richard Gibson, Jim Cromarty and Eric Kemp to name but a few. Jock Harcus is standing on front of the car and is that young "Tucker" come in bottom right wae his hand over his face?
Added by Raymond Grieve on 05 January 2007
Behind Ali Bruce is Arnold Russell,2 down from Jock Hercus wearing the hat is"Pingo Kemp, patriarch of the Prudential Insurance,and 2 to the left of Ronnie Drever in the photo is Jimmy Yates.Below the man wearing the duffel coat could be kirkwall business man Rognald Slater,licensed grocer.
Added by Phil Brough on 18 October 2009
Behind Richard Gibson looks like Dougie Yougson
Added by David Ross on 03 January 2012
I can also see Rugger Borwick, Gordon Rorie Junior, Micheal McCormick.
Anonymous comment added on 04 January 2012
Sorry, Dougie Youngson
Added by David Ross on 04 January 2012
A car next to the pack..... very topical for this year.
Added by Alastair on 04 January 2012
Is that Bill Squeek across from the lass in the duffel coat? She looks like Ann Leonard nee Bell.
Added by Billy Cardno on 06 January 2012
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