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Kirkwall Harbour
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Kirkwall Harbour

Date estimated. Postcard bought 1974, for sending to New Zealand.
Picture added on 30 March 2007
Good P.C. this.
Could that be the St.Clements lying at what was Cooper's Wharf and the M.V.Iona lying at the cross berth? I'm sure that the yacht lying at anchor in the foreground is the Barabel.
Added by Peter Burges on 31 March 2007
Yes Peter it is the St Clements and the Barabel. The Iona completely changed in 1949 when new superstructure and a diesel engine were fitted. In 1964 she sank in a storm at Shapinsay pier and was withdrawn from service. Notice Harvey's old green Bedford Bus which Tom Notman used as a Mobile Chip and Tea Wagon sitting along side the swimming clubs changing huts. On the left you can see two of Orkney Builders brown painted lorries.
Added by Edwin Rendall on 03 April 2007
Not absolutely certain but the coaster in the basin looks very like the mv 'Helmsdale' which carried many a cargo of malting barley into Kirkwall and many a cargo of barrels of whisky out. She ran aground at Scurdy Ness and became a constructive total loss in 1980.
The yacht at anchor is definitely the 'Barabel' which at one time belonged to the late John Laughton, who was a partner in George Rendall & Co, the drapers, whose premises were latterly occupied by 'The Leonards'.
The green boat at a moorings is the 22 foot Westray Skiff 'Earnest' which I own, and is still in very good condition - she was built by James Rendall at Cuppin, Papa Westray, in 1937 - 70 years ago! The blue boat tied alongside her was the 'Duncan' built 'Surprise' which belonged to the late George Rendall of Westray. She was driven ashore and wrecked during a storm many years ago.
The date would have been earlier than 1970 - I will do some checking and add a further comment.
Added by Rob Thomson on 04 August 2007
I have been reliably informed that the latest this photo could have been taken was 1965 and was more than likely taken a year or two before that. If the 'Iona' sank in 1964 then this 'fits'.
Added by Rob Thomson on 04 August 2007
I don't think The coaster is the 'Helmsdale'as she had a well deck forward, I remember this well as I used to get wet feet when leaving Sunderland in a swell when battening down the hatches.
Added by Les Irvine on 05 August 2007
I have been looking at some photographs of the Helmsdale on the web-site "Old Ship Register" - she also had fewer wheelhouse windows than the above ship. If you wish to see the 'Helmsdale' pictures, go to the above site, click 'ship pictures D-J' then go to the 3rd page of 'H's. You will find her half way down the page. In this case I haven't a clue as to the identity of the above ship.

Added by Rob Thomson on 05 August 2007
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