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Cathedral bell
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Cathedral bell

One of the bells in the spire. The clapper seems to be disabled in favour of the striking devices on the left, which I suppose saves the bell itself from having to be swung around. Nice wooden spiral staircase in the background.
Picture added on 30 September 2005
The latteral traction of the rope makes the tongue strike the side of the bell and are not disabled. The middle section of rope is pulled by the bellringer. which pulls the tongue to one side. The outside hammers are part of the clock mechanism and pulled by cables attached to the clock at a lower level
Added by Ross Flett on 30 September 2005
Ross is right - the clappers are worked by ropes controlled by the ringer sitting in a big wooden chair below the bells - one rope in each hand and the third attached to a pedal. There is a traditional sequence for ringing the bells, which increases in speed as the time of service approaches so that people know if they're late. There is also a special 'Rejoicing' melody, played mainly at Christmas. I used to be on the ringers' rota when I was Cathedral Organist. The trick was to finish just as the clock was about to strike, then dash downstairs to conduct the choir in the Introit.
Added by David Drinkell on 16 January 2012
Fraser Devine may have been off-target with his campanology but he's spot-on with his photography. The overall level of illumination is remarkable for a flash shot. I'm envious Mr Devine!
Added by Ian Hourston on 16 January 2012
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