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I teach English/Orcadian to bairns in schools in the Oise area of France. One peedie lad gave me a comic to look at as it was all about Scotland. Much to my surprise, I found a peedie bit on Westray/Papa Westray. It made my day!
Picture added on 07 March 2008
The shortest way in the plane of the world connects Westray has Papa Westray, one of the some 300 islands ecossaises the flight lasts less than two minutes.

'where did the Babel fish go wrong ?'
Added by Spoot on 07 March 2008
Babel Fish, like the majority of automatic translation systems, is for the moment incapable of reasoning like a human being, hence the grammatical/syntax errors obtained.
Here below are two proposals.

The world's shortest air link lasting less than 2 minutes connects Westray to Papa Westray, one of the 300 or so Scottish islands.

A flight lasting less than 2 minutes links Westray to Papa Westray, one of the 300 or so Scottish islands. It is the world's shortest flight.

Added by Barbara on 08 March 2008
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Papa Westray

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