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Adamson family, Glower, Birsay
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Adamson family, Glower, Birsay

Photo of Adamson family : Glower, Birsay, Orkney.
Taken around 1903

Back Row L – R
Robert Flett Adamson(1893-1959), Mary Veitch Gilray Adamson (1889 – 1976), William Samuel Adamson (1884-1967), John Adamson(1880-1939),
Peter Folster Stanger Adamson (1886-1959)

Middle Row L – R
George Borwick Moar Adamson(1888-1956), Jane Taylor Adamson(1882-1977), William Adamson(father 1854-1936),
Jane Jemima Smith Adamson nee Fiddler (mother1859-1936),
Thomas Slater Adamson(1891-1969)

Front Row L – R
Jemima Helen Adamson (1896- 1981), Joseph Mooney Adamson(1900-1985), Hercules (Hector) Meadows Adamson (1898-1966),
Charles Hunter Forbes Adamson (1902-1963)

This photograph was in an album belonging to my grandmother, who is Jemima Helen Adamson in the front row.
Picture added on 28 October 2014 at 21:56
Hi, my Great Grandmother is Jane Taylor Adamson.
She married William Peter Stainger and moved to New Zealand.
Added by Jason Stainger on 06 December 2014
Hello Mary Veitch Adamson is my great great auntie. She married my great great uncle Andrew. My uncle emailed me copy of wedding certificate and wedding photo
Added by Karen Hannah on 27 July 2015
From Christchurch New Zealand.
Jane Taylor Adamson was my grandmother, my mother Isabelle Borwick Hudson, Jane's (known to us as Nina, daughter died 30th May 2015.
I have more details if wanted ie photos of 'Uncle Hector, etc. Cheers from Don, oldest grandson in NZ of Nina.
Added by Donald William Hudson on 22 May 2016
ps. I have the same photograph, also pasted on Linklaters Dounby photographers card. Mine does not have the Orkney Image library stamp on it.
I am preparing my mothers oughtobiography (she auto have done one (chuckle) as time permits.
Added by Donald William Hudson on 22 May 2016
Robert Flett Adamson is my Grandfather, my father Samuel Kinnear Adamson, his youngest son, is 86 years old now and lives in Christchurch, New Zealand
Added by Lynette Zilinskas on 09 September 2019
Christchurch New Zealand...
My Grandfather is Robert Flett Adamson .. My father is Samuel Kinear Adamson
Added by Lorraine Lock (Adamson) on 13 September 2019
I live in Glower now. My father, Norman B StClair Scott, bought it in the 1970s as a holiday house and turned the outbuildings into bedrooms. I've added a kitchen extension and have made Glower my home. Am I right in thinking that Hector was the last of the Adamsons to live here and that he died in the box-bed?
Added by Biljana Scott on 16 September 2020
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