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Kirkwall Primary School
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Kirkwall Primary School

Do not know which year this was taken
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Picture added on 04 July 2008
The Teacher is Miss Rendal she was Dux of the KGS in 1946. Would estimate the date about 1948. Her married name is Rosie (St Margarets Hope).
Added by Ian S Carter on 13 January 2009
Is the teacher no Mrs Oag?
Added by Bruce Moar on 14 January 2009
I would agree with Bruce on teachers name, I got her in Primary 4 Erland 1977
Added by Ian on 15 January 2009
I thought teacher was Mrs Oag as well Bruce
Added by Alison on 15 January 2009
The teacher is Mrs Oag and this must be in the 70s. None of the kids here were born in 1948 never mind having their photo taken
Added by J Johnston on 15 January 2009
The teacher is definately Mrs Oag. The pupils in the class are a wee bit younger than myself but I recognise a few of them - Michael Firth, Kenny Adam, Laurence Leonard, ? Schollay(boy) Sharon Findlay. ? Wylie(girl), Chris? Nicolson, Patsy Heddle
Added by John Foulis on 19 January 2009
It is my mum indeed; Mrs Inga Oag.
Added by Alistair Oag on 20 January 2009
This photo appears to be taken outside the school at what is now Papdale Primary School which was not built in 1948.
Anonymous comment added on 21 January 2009
It is not often I am right, but at least you now know who was Dux of KGS in 1946. I did know Miss Rendall then. I wonder why it has taken so long to add comments to this photo. Would Clive Miller be in this class? I know one with that name who was born in 1961, making him 8yrs then. He was in Australia at one time, and perhaps is still there.
Added by Ian S Carter on 21 January 2009
The teacher is Mrs Oag.

Names are (starting at the back):

Row 1- Mrs Oag, Kelvin Baikie, Michael Firth, David Allan, Alistair Scollie, John Brodie, Kenneth Adam, Laurence Leonard, Clive Miller, William Hay, Ronald Norquoy

Row 2- Kay Vesco, Carlotta McDonald Young, Janice Cole, Irene Rosie, Marion Gray, Sandra Harcus, Sharon Findlay, Sandra Guthrie, Karen Wylie

Row 3- Chris Nicolson, Dorothy Church, Michael McDonald, June Rorie, Eoin Cowie, Carol Craigie, Colin King, Patricia Heddle, David Vesco, Marie Allison, Michael Foulis
Added by Inga T Oag on 20 February 2009
Does anyone have news of Carlotta McDonald Young?
Added by Barbara on 20 February 2009
What a great bunch!
I surprised myself how many I could name. You were a fine looking woman Mrs Oag (I can say that now seeing I am nearly fifty).
Added by Kelvin Baikie on 09 October 2009
Clive Miller was home earlier this year. I met him at a coffee morning in King Street Halls.
Added by Barbara Johnston on 10 October 2009
I was also surprised by how many names and faces I could remember as I left Orkney in October 1970
Added by Carol Craigie on 16 October 2014
Interesting photo. Coming from Hoy I did not know anyone in the photo until 1972.
Added by Ralph Seatter on 08 November 2020
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