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Construction begins on KGS Hostel
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Construction begins on KGS Hostel

Date estimated, Berstane Road houses in the background. Date is estimated. This was during the brief era when you could see tower cranes working in Orkney, and flat roofs seemed a good idea. I think it's fair to comment that most of these flat roofs have now been replaced.
Picture added on 13 June 2005
i dont think that date can be right as it was being built when i was still at school and i left in 1970
Added by Arthur Sutherland on 30 June 2005
Isa Dunnet was the first Matron in the new Hostel she started before the summer term of 1970 Isa later became my wife but sadly died in 1983 aged only 33 years of age.
Added by John Budge on 20 October 2007
I remember a Miss Dunnet at the Hostel, who left whilst I was there and it could have been about 1983. Didn't know she had died. There was Miss Brown and another one whose real name I can't remember! Jim Meason was warden with Hector Robertson as Deputy - until he took over from Ed Headley teaching Modern Studies at the School. Adrian Askew came in then as deputy. Happy, happy times... aaaahH

Added by Richard Gregory on 24 September 2009
Richard,the Miss Dunnet you remember is Isa Dunnets sister Mary Who also worked at the Hostel as a Matron Mary now lives in Kirkwall and is Mrs Stevenson married to Pat Stevenson
Possibly Mary left work at the Hostel around 1983

Added by John Budge on 26 September 2009
My mother's cousin Mabel Taylor worked at the hostel when Isa and Mary Dunnet worked there. I think she was an assistant matron.
Added by Beryl Simpson on 27 September 2009
Yes, it was Mary Dunnet right enough. Still cannot remember Miss... who had the flat at the top of E block. Been racking my brains but with no success.
Added by Richard Gregory on 27 September 2009
Was the Miss........... a Miss Wood. She was an English teacher at Stromness Academy and travelled back and fore every day.
Anonymous comment added on 29 September 2009
Miss Wood was there as well, but I am almost certain that the matrons were full time and didn't teach.
Added by Richard Gregory on 30 September 2009
Miss Wood was a French teacher at Stromness Acasemy
Added by BBJ on 22 October 2009
That's who it was, Mabel Taylor. Thank-you
Added by Richard Gregory on 25 October 2009
To : The concerned
From :Anita George
I am looking for my penpal who used to communicate about 20 years ago back with me.Her name being Nicola Wright. The address I used to communicate with her is -" K.G.S.hostel, Berstane Road, Kirkwall, Orkney.The last I heard from her was around 9th 0f May 1981.

I am reuesting you as I am unable to trace her. Hoping you could help. I would indeed be grateful for the same.I understand the period of time you would have to go back.I would like to have her house address or any email address if she has left any.
I am constrainted not knowing whom to address my enquiry to, and hence have since used my address as to the concerned, hoping the right this message would reach the right person.
Anita George-My email address being- [email protected]
Added by Anita George on 26 January 2011
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