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Kirkwall Primary School- P4E, 1977
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Kirkwall Primary School- P4E, 1977

Marion writes:
'It is of a class at Kirkwall Primary School in May 1977. Can anyone put names to the children?'

My (now obviously mistaken) guess is that it is Primary 6, as I was in Primary 7 at the time- Steven

Picture added on 25 February 2005
I think this is the same class featured in picture #372.
Anonymous comment added on 25 February 2005
Same class but need the names please as some are different people to the other photo.
Added by Marion McLeod on 01 March 2005
There should be a ? between Louise Dennison and Karen Neish
Added by Bruce Moar on 02 March 2005
Primary 4 Einar
Back Row: ?, Leigh Shearer, Ray Shearer, Peter Laird, ?, ?, Jack Moodie, Grant Firth, ?, ?.
Middle: Muldoo, ?, Graham Young, Colin Robertson, Maureen Innes, Lucy Alsop, Jenny Leslie, Kenny Low, Ian Wood, Hugh Clyde, Roy Firth, Mark Newlands.
Front: ?, Dave Kirkpatrick, Louise Dennison, Karen Neish, Karen MacLeod, Jennifer Young, Heather Dunnett, Margaret Innes, Alison Gunn, Evan Norquoy.

I think!! It's a long time ago
Added by Bruce Moar on 02 March 2005
Back row:next to Peter Laird is Georgina ? Front row :Donald Nicolson, Me, Louise Dennison, Heather Miller
I also think that it is two classes together for the photo
Added by David Kirkpatrick on 04 March 2005
6th from left, back, could be Andrew Greatrix, 2nd from right, back, could be Stuart Leslie and I think that the boy next to Stuart on the end is Ian Ross. This definately appears to be a split of 2 classes for some reason
Added by Lesley Ross on 07 March 2005
6th from left rear row is Andrew Greatrix. Whatever happened to him? Also could be 2 classes as there seem to be too many for one class. Thanks for all the help re the names. I only knew a few of them.
Added by Marion McLeod on 08 March 2005
Well in answer to Marion Mcleod "What ever happened to him" Him being Andrew Greatrix.Well aparently he became a profesional artist, got married ten years ago and now lives on the south coast in Kent.He sails his yacht from there where in the same harbour he knows a few other Orcadians that have ended up in the same part of the country, and you know what..I still consider Orkney to be my home.I do visit on occasions and I was best man at Roy Firths wedding a couple of years ago.One last thing I would like to add is a very big thankyou to Marion Mcleod for the for all the encouregment back in those dodgy days of job hunting.Oh and perhaps she could say hello to Peter her son for me "Kes ave no seen him fer a peedy while tae!"

Added by Andrew Greatrix on 05 April 2006
Would someone please jog my memory, I am sure I was supposed to be in this photo too
Added by Brian Milne on 09 April 2006
Hello to everybody. back row far right Alistair Rendall (ally bongo!) (Ian Ross wasn't in that class - Lesley); next is Stewart Linklater; Georgina Thompson is between Peter and Andrew. Douglas Southerland is between Muldoo and Graham Young; the only one left is back right and he is Colin? who was excellent at arithmetic and left about p7.
Added by Jack Moodie on 01 August 2006
Colin MacLeod next to Leigh.
Added by Jennifer Hay (young) on 26 May 2015
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