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Kids having a whale of a time at Scapa Beach.On the model whale that was used in the film Venus Peter.
Picture added on 23 August 2007
I went to see the film "Venus Peter" in Paris years ago. It was in VO thank goodness but even so, I still didn't understand the story! Can any one tell me where I could get a copy of this film please? I'd like to see it again.
It's a whale of a photo Bruce - Whale did you get it? - sorry!
Added by Barbara on 24 August 2007
I think this Whale scene was actually filmed at Dingishowe but of course it may also have been used at Scapa.
Venus Peter is based on a book of that name about a boy growing up in a Fife village in 1930s I believe.
Added by W Mackay on 26 January 2008
The whale was teen tae scapa fae Dingishowe by Merv Harcus. The two older gentlemen are John Craven (of John Craven's Newsround fame) and his producer. It was then moved to Pickaquoy to the fun fair.
Added by BRANDYMAN on 15 February 2008
i am trying to locate a copy of the film venus peter. i watched it at the gft glasgow. it was a book by christopher rush and i would like to introduce it to others as an example of how great film can be.

Added by Bob Farry on 05 August 2009
Saw this film on TV in UK - Channel 4 - would love to own a copy. Will it ever be released on DVD ??
Added by McAbees on 08 August 2009
yes, the sea is everthing. i want a dvd of this film. where have all the herring gone?
Added by Ian A Fisher on 28 August 2010
I want a copy too- did they ever release it?
Added by Celia on 23 June 2012
Do you know how I could get hold of a copy of the film Venus Peter .i saw it years ago and thought it was wonderfull. I would so love to see it again
Added by Meg belbin on 28 August 2013
I have a copy of Venus Peter on videocassette if that's of any use to anyone. Haven't looked at it in years - not sure I remember how to - so can't vouch for its condition.
Added by Ian Hourston on 08 September 2013
You can see it at

Added by Cathleen Spence on 08 September 2013
Hello Bruce.
West Side Cinema at Stromness Town Hall is screening 'Venus Peter' 12 APR 2014 for the 25th anniversary of its release. Director Ian Sellar attending too. I'd be very interested in being able to use this and any other Venus Peter images you may have for the Pre screening event.
Added by Mark Jenkins on 12 March 2014
"Venus Peter" will be released on Blu-ray by Panamint Cinema on October 24th 2016. We have sourced master material from the BFI National Archive, which is being transferred in 1080p high definition. Release will also feature the theatrical trailer and an illustrated booklet.

Details at: panamint.co.uk/venus-peter-11-p.asp

Russell Cowe, Panamint Cinema
Added by Russell Cowe on 31 July 2016
That's great news Russell, I'll let Ian Sellar know too.
Added by Mark Jenkins on 01 August 2016
"Venus Peter" will be available on Blu-ray early December. See trailer at: www.panamint.co.uk/panamint-blu/venus-peter-blu-ray-11231
Added by Russell Cowe on 13 November 2016
"Venus Peter" Blu-ray now available to buy from Panamint Cinema's web site.
Added by Russell Cowe on 29 November 2016
"Venus Peter", already available on Blu-ray is being released on DVD on April 17th and may be pre-ordered at: www.panamint.co.uk/venus-peter-dvd
Added by Russell Cowe on 28 March 2017
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