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Hatston Shop
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Hatston Shop

This WWII building became the Hatston Shop. Hatston was a nice place to live in those days. In the photo it is a fibre glass products workshop.
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Picture added on 04 August 2007
Didn't the Taylors used to have that shop, or have I got the wrong building?
Anonymous comment added on 06 August 2007
I think Bob Park and his family were the first to operate it as a shop and then Sydney Mitchell took it over and ran it before the Taylors took over.
Added by Edwin Rendall on 06 August 2007
would that be the same taylors that used to run the shop in papdale east?
Added by Mick Harcus on 06 August 2007
Hi I am the daughter of the Taylors and remember this as Orkney Glass Fibre run by my dad and grandad, we lived in the house adjoined to the shop, I dont remember when it was a shop though.
Added by Kim Taylor on 17 December 2007
I mind gan there to get my play piece on my way to catch the bus for school in the early 70's.
I managed to get a good collection of football cards together from buying the pink bubble gum and then Mrs Learmonth, my infant school teacher, confiscated them... If she's reading this I've never forgotten that!!
I could probably get a small fortune for them now on ebay!
Added by B. Moar on 18 December 2007
When we lived in Hatston around 1965-1967 I think it was Mitchells who had the shop
Added by Isobel Irvine on 18 December 2007
I used to stay wae me uncle Bob Sinclair at the PO houses and mind the shop there also doon the road was a milk vending machine. that was in the mid sixties
Added by Neil Sinclair on 15 February 2008
Yes I mind the milk machine there too. One at the bottom of clay loan too and one on Broad Street I think. Strawberry milk was the best, nice and cold straight from the machine. I have driven from machine to machine to get the strawberry. Argghhhh ssttrraawwbbeerryy.
Anonymous comment added on 09 April 2008
My granddad Bob Park and my grandma Mamie did own this shop and I have many happy memories of the shop and the Hatson house where my parents John and May Drever lived, also my good friend Evelyn Rendall (nee Barnett). Happy times!
Added by Shirley Drever on 30 July 2008
I should also add that there was a chip shop at The Shop at the left side of the shop from the road, don't know how long this ran but my granddad, Bob Park, also had a converted chippee bus which went around. I'm sure some other people must remember this, but I was quite young
Added by Shirley Drever on 05 August 2008
tom notman had the chip bus in 69/70
Added by John Schollay on 07 August 2008
That was a long time after. My grandad Bob Park died when I was about 10 or 11 1962/1963

Added by Shirley Drever on 08 August 2008
Also, The Shop was not always this horrible blue colour!!!
Added by Shirley Drever on 08 August 2008
The Shop chipshop at left side of the Shop I believe only my granddad operated, no-one else

Added by Shirley Drever on 08 August 2008
i actually meant 59/60, dont time fly when your enjoyin yersel.
Added by John Schollay on 08 August 2008
That makes more sense, that was after my granddad stopped it.
Added by Shirley Drever on 11 August 2008
My mum and dad worked in the chippy for you grandad. I have lots of memories of playing with Shirley at the back of the shop.
Added by Sylvia Walker on 31 July 2010
You're right, Tufty Bob Park was the first to open the shop. I was working on the scheme for Alfie Flett
Added by Erlend Stout on 03 August 2010
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