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Primary 2E
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Primary 2E

Back L to R: Jimmy Nicolson, Michael Dunnet, Alan Bews, Roy Harcus, Rodney Hume, Olwyen Bews, Brian Kynoch, Lewis Campbell, Andy Kemp, Rognvald Bullen.
Middle L to R: Christina Cole, Maggie Yule, Janice Wylie, Sylvia Rendall, Mary Fereday, Beryl ?, Carol Winchester, Mary Flett, Sheena McKinlay, Maggie Cameron, Lorna Cooper.
Front L to R: Lorraine Stout, Katherine Fereday, Michael Hay, ? , Marcus Shearer, Shaun Fox, Davie Pottinger, Lawrence Craigie, ?, Linda Antonio, Sylvia Herdman.
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Picture added on 03 June 2007
The girl next to Carol Winchester is Beryl Tulloch, their fathers were both coastguards from Shetland and they lived next door to us at the coastguard station at the time of the photo
Added by Sandra Patrick on 09 June 2007
I think the girl between Lawrence & Linda was Maggie Mackay and I think the Boy between Michael & Marcus was Douglas(?)
Added by Sylvia Leonard (Rendall) on 12 June 2007
My name is Catherine Fereday (not Katherine as in the caption), although these days I'm known to most people as Kate. I'm looking at this image as I sit in my office in Gondar, in the northern Ethiopian Highlands. The marvels of modern technology! Little did I know when the photograph was taken that I would end up so far away. I still remember most of my classmates. I think of Sylvia Rendall from time to time when I feel the dent where her hockey stick met my shin. And I think of Linda Antonio on 7 July (the seventh of the seventh), that being her birthday.
Added by Kate Fereday Eshete on 10 October 2009
Hi Kate. I didn't hit you that often!! I hung up my hockey stick long ago so no other innocents will be maimed. Great hearing from you. I used to see Mary a lot when 'Woolies' was on the go. Saw the articles about you in the Orcadian. All the best. Sylvia
Added by Sylvia Leonard (Rendall) on 12 October 2009
Huh, you still have a vicious backhand.
Added by Grant Leonard on 13 October 2009
This is Primary 2E at some school or other. Not Stromness. Is there a school in Kirkwall?

[It is the infant department at Papdale -Steven]
Added by Ian Hourston on 15 October 2009
This photo was taken at Papdale Infants School in Kirkwall and, judging by the lack of leaves on the trees, it must have been taken early in 1968, during our second year in Infants. My twin sister (Mary) and I were six years old (and turned seven in April that year).
Added by Catherine Fereday Eshete on 02 March 2016
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