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Football team
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Football team

Dennis- I'm guessing this is your picture (and also guessing the date).
Picture added on 05 March 2007
This is a picture I found which I think is the Orkney Football team which played Shetland sometime in the 1920's although it may be a Stromness team. My grandfather, Attie Campbell, is the one holding the ball. I have no more information about this and would appreciate any info about this picture.
Added by Dennis Campbell on 06 March 2007
I think the player seated second from right on the bench is also in a picture I have of Rovers FC 1919-20. If so he is W Brass. I'll scan and post the picture later.
Added by Paul Sutherland on 07 March 2007
I am almost certain that the goalkeeper in this picture is none other than Tommy Thomson, who I believe played for Orkney for many years. He can also be seen in Kevin Wooldrage's picture No 176.
On the extreme left (standing) I also believe to be Peter Thomson who in his footballing days was a player of some distinction.
Added by Peter Burges on 07 March 2007
The goalie is Tommy Thomson who played for Thorfinn FC and played against Shetland 10 times between 1923 and 1935. I think the player holding the ball is actually William "Bull Tie" Campbell who played against Shetland 4 times 1920, 21, 22 & 23. W. Brass only represented Orkney against Shetland once in 1923 so it would be fair to say that if indeed this is an Orkney team, and the player that Paul identified is W. Brass then this could be the Orkney team from 1923.
An A.Campbell represented Orkney against Shetland in 1920 & 1930 in Shetland and 1931 in Orkney.
Oh...and I dont know why he was called Bull tie!!
Added by Bruce Moar on 08 March 2007
I think you are correct about the player holding the ball. It would make sense that this is my grandfather's brother "Bull tie" and not my grandfather. I reckon he must have represented Orkney a number of times as I have his Milne Cup medals in the house. I will look them out and post with more information.
Added by Dennis Campbell on 08 March 2007
As Peter and Paul know I am researching the Brass families of Orkney so I am interested in the W Brass reference. Is this William Peace Drever Brass, son of Peter Brass, the Burgh Chamberlain who emigrated to South Africe in the late 1920s?
Added by Stuart Robertson on 08 March 2007
Following on from Kevin's comment on picture #2505 the player on the goalie's left hand side is Davie Wooldrage. Davie represented Kirkwall (pre Orkney v Shetland days) against Lerwick from 1911-1914. After the Great War he represented Orkney against Shetland from 1919-1931, a total of 4 appearances against Kirkwall and 13 games against Shetland. Quite an achievement.
Added by Bruce Moar on 11 March 2007
Further to Stuart's comment, William Peace Drever can be seen in picture #544 standing second from the left. He was senior partner of Drever & Heddle, solicitors, Kirkwall (till 1890 called Heddle & Drever) from 1884 till his death in 1924. I see that Peter Brass is listed in the 1901 census as a law clerk. Presumably he named his son after the boss. I wonder if Drever was named after a William Peace, maybe William Balfour Peace of the woodyard, who was named after the laird of Shapinsay, who was named after....Now there's an interesting alternative to tracing blood descent!
Added by Paul Sutherland on 11 March 2007
I am pretty sure this is Orkney's 1923 team. I think the player with the ball is William Cutt who was a teacher in Orphir. I think 'Bulltie' Campbell is in the centre of the middle row. The full team is:- Back row:- G. Williamson, Tommy Thomson, Dave Wooldrage: Middle row:- 'Nuckie' Norquoy, Sidney Findlay, 'Bulltie' Campbell, W. Brass, J. Linklater: Front row:- Bob Johnstone, William Cutt, Maynard Young. Result Orkney 1 - Shetland 2: Orkney scorer, W. Cutt.
Added by Jockie Wood on 11 March 2007
I am fairly certain the person holding the ball is William Campbell. Looking at a number of family photographs the same person is seen on a regular basis. I do have a photograph in Stromness of all three brothers, Arthur (Attie), William (Bulltie) and James (Lambie) and they all look remarkably similar.
Added by Dennis Campbell on 12 March 2007
Having just come back from Orkney and spoken to a number of old friends and relatives you are indeed correct. Wiiliam Campbell is in the centre, middle row.
Added by Dennis Campbell on 14 April 2007
Shortly after this, my uncle Sidney Findlay( 2nd L middle row)emigrated to Sydney, Australia with his younger brother Charlie. Although he got to England as an Australian soldier during WWII (the only time I met him) he never got back to Orkney. All the Findlay family were great sportsmen.
Added by Hazel Malpass on 20 July 2007
I was delighted to be forwarded the details of the web site.
I can indeed confirm (without any doubt)that the man holding the ball is none other than my father Bill (Bulltie) Campbell. I did some time ago send some old Orkney football photos to the Orcadian.
I believe that at one time Bill (Bulltie), Attie (Arthur) and Jimmy (Lambie) all played for the same team!
Added by Gerald Campbell on 21 August 2007
This definitely has to be the 1920's as J.W.Sinclair only opened his shop in 1920/21
Added by David Partner on 16 April 2015
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