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Burgar Hill
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Burgar Hill

The experimental 3 MW turbine in the fore ground and the new smaller turbine which was erected in 1986 awaiting commissioning.
Picture added on 03 June 2007
I am producing a documentary about the Wind Energy Group, the company that built a number of wind turbines on Burger Hill in the 80s. The documentary is a small project designed to record the work of WEG, which ceased trading in 1998. I saw that you had a photo of their LS1 3MW turbine on the Orkney Image library. I was wondering if you would allow me to use it in my documentary. I would also be very interested to hear what you thought of the turbines that were built on Burger Hill. I would be most grateful if you could get in touch with me via email: [email protected] or phone 07850 442919. Thanks. Alex
Added by Alex Robertson on 18 January 2009
I have documentation regarding these units - ex Hydro board.
Added by Bill Baird on 08 February 2009
Take a look on utube and type in wind turbine collapse, one that ran out of control in Sweden i think......
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 08 February 2009
Thanks Bill. I have actually managed to pull together quite a few images of the MS1 turbine (pictured). If you were around at the time the turbines were put up, I would be interested to hear your memories of them. Thanks for the comment. Alex
Added by Alex Robertson on 08 February 2009
Hi! i work on the new turbines in orkney and would be interested in veiwing the pics you have of the old prototype turbines on burger hill, if possible? There is a video documentry of the 3mw turbine being demolished, but i have not located a copy as of yet.
Added by Dave Rendall on 28 September 2010
It occasionally comes up on Sky Tv
Added by Willie Watters on 30 September 2010
For Alex and Dave, it's Burgar, not burger. I've never found a McDonald's on that hill, hard as I've searched. I'll post a couple of shots of the first big experimental generator, taken in the late 80s.
Added by Ian Hourston on 30 September 2010
The great thing about TV is that nobody who watched the film will ever know that I couldn't spell Burgar! Thanks very much for the correction though Ian.

Dave, you can view the film here: vimeo.com/3424774. There are a couple of shots of the mighty LS1 3MW on Burgar Hill.
Added by Alex Robertson on 01 October 2010
thankyou for posting that link up alex, very interesting! brings back memorys of childhood seeing the ls1 running again!
Anonymous comment added on 01 October 2010
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