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Tower Showrooms. 1962
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Tower Showrooms. 1962

Alan sends in this picture taken by his father in law, Andy Wylie.

'Test drive a new Ford today' says the sign, as it is Tullock's showroom, the new Ford in question being the Golden Jubilee. The Tower Showroom looks identical to how it does today, but the front of the building shows how it has been greatly altered with a wide lintel inserted to give the two big windows (a job done by my dad and uncle a few years earlier).
Picture added on 30 September 2004
The buildings were refurbished after they wre purchased by my late father. They were opened on 23rd Aug 1962 as part of W R Tullock's 50 years with Ford celebrations.The pattern on the public door (wood & glass) came about after my father asked the joiners(Jack Adam and Jack Liddle )if they could come up with a fancy pattern to make the door more interesting. They asked him what he meant and invited him to draw an example, he doodled an example on paper and said "something like that will do." They then made the door to exactly the pattern of "the doodle" Something which amused my Dad no end and something I often remember when passing the door.
Added by David Tullock on 13 September 2006
Volkswagen Beetle owned by the late Wilfred Mackay( mechanic at Scarths)
Added by W Mackay on 25 January 2008
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