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Kirkwall Dockers
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Kirkwall Dockers

Kirkwall Dockers probably from mid 1960's. L to R Johnny Walls, Doie Craigie,???,???,Bomber Linklater (holding barrow),???, Geordie Harcus
Picture added on 15 July 2014 at 23:19
Lot kent faces there. Is that boat in background Rognvald or Clements or neither.
Added by Billy Cardno on 16 July 2014
I am wondering if the chap second from the left is Buff Craigie?
Added by Jennifer McLeod on 16 July 2014
This photo also appears as picture #1521 where there's a discussion on the names and the ship.
Added by Karl Cooper on 16 July 2014
After hold and steam crane - 1937 built "St Clair" which was re-named "St Magnus" in 1960 - and replaced by the Motor cargo only ship "St Magnus" ex "City of Dublin" in 1966
Added by Willie Mackay on 16 July 2014
4th from the left Dougie Thomson
Added by Kathleen Keldie on 16 July 2014
Looks like my dad, Joe Walker right at the back, just see his head.
Added by Sylvia Walker on 17 July 2014
I believe that's Buff Craigie 2nd from left.
Added by Freda Jackson on 17 July 2014
2nd from left Definitely Dooie Craigie not Buff (who was also a long serving docker). Kathleen thanks for identifying 4th left I was reasonably sure that man was called Thomson but was afraid to mention it as I couldn't mind his first name. Sorry I can't put a name to the fellow beside Geordie Harcus. I used to ken nearly them all. Though some of them had their "moments" they were a great bunch of "characters" and always friendly & caring to us who knocked aboot the pier as "peedie boys" before the days of over-zealous H&S.
Added by Willie Mackay on 18 July 2014
J Walls Doy Craigie Joe Walker C Thomson Bomber Linklater H Wylie G Harcus
Added by Bob Kelday on 19 July 2014
4th from left not Dougie Thompson might be his brother Charlie
Added by W. P. Drever on 21 July 2014
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