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Papdale Infant School 1955
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Papdale Infant School 1955

My class of 1955 at Papdale Infant School. Unfortunately I am unable to recall the teacher's name. I am sat between Miss Flett and Master Pyle in the second row from front. This was our 1st year at school. I was not quite 5 yrs old when I started.
My father, Otto, taught at the Grammar School and had the nick name 'Tarzan', because of his 'long' hair.
Micky Thomsen
Picture added on 01 February 2013 at 14:16
My husband and I were both taught science by your father, Micky and in fact, had just been reminiscing about those days recently. When he was on dinner duty in the Strynd (around 1961) he gave me a telling off for putting my knife in my mouth- and I certainly didn't do it again! We both became teachers and began to have a great deal of sympathy for those teachers and what they had to put up with!
Added by Marlene Mainland on 01 February 2013
Hi Mickey
Check out picture #5358 it's the other one of the 1955 class.
Added by Stuart Kemp on 01 February 2013
Hi Micky, like you I too am unable to recall the teachers name. I'm sure that she left to get married and emigrate to Canada. That's me slightly to the left in front of the teacher at the table with the identity tag of the "kittens." Bruce Sutherland looks really happy to be a "chick"
Added by David Tullock on 01 February 2013
I remember your father well, Micky. He taught Science at KGS when I was a pupil there. His colleague, Mr Gamble, was also in the science department. I have clear images of them both in my mind. Those were the days! Myra Shearer (Groundwater).
Anonymous comment added on 03 February 2013
A good Teacher his only failing the speed that he wrote on the blackboard. He was rubbing off the information on the board and then adding more before we had time to write it down. About 1948.
Added by Ian Carter on 09 February 2013
Comments re Mr Gamble & Mr Thomsen bring back memories of an incident in the science class in the early/mid fifties.
Mr Gamble requested me to go to Mr Thomsen to get Potassium Nitrite. I brought the bottle back & Mr Gamble added it to the retort & heated it. Nothing happened (Luckily). Mr Gamble checked the bottle. It was Potassium nitrate (an ingredient of gunpowder). I have never seen anyone go so white in the face so quickly.
I may be wrong, but I remember being told that, as a POW, Mr Thomsen built a radio receiver with capacitors made from razor blades interleaved with paper. I was not told how the other components were made.
I also remember that they were both Radio Amateur enthusiasts – Mr Gamble - GM2 DAU & Mr Thomsen GM2 FSV! I believe the former retired somewhere in the Borders.

Added by Jim G on 18 February 2013
On looking at the above comments, I now realise why I can't mind what happened yesterday - My memory is full of insignificant information from 60 years ago (ref. call signs).
Added by Jim G on 26 February 2013
Thanks Jim G, his callsign was GM3FSV,so close! He also went /p to Shetland and /m with his camper van around Pomona.
Added by Micky Thomsen on 27 September 2014
Micky, I taught at Dollar Academy from 1989-2000. When I started, Ted Gamble was Head of Physics. I joined the CCF in 1983 and was in charge of the Signals Troop. I believe that your father was instrumental in the change from Signals Section to Signals Troop. Do you know when this change took place? I subsequently became a radio amateur.
Added by Geoff. Collier on 08 January 2016
Hi Geoff, I Remember Ted. My memory is that it became what Otto referred to as the Signals Corp., with him as Captain Thomsen. I didn't attend Dollar Academy, but Alloa Academy, so not up on detail. But it would most likely have been late 70's.
Added by Micky Thomsen on 20 January 2016
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