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Kirkwall Grammar Infant School - Papdale - 1955
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Kirkwall Grammar Infant School - Papdale - 1955

My wife is Sylvia Eunson next to teacher`s left hand side.
looking for help to put names to the faces.
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Picture added on 19 October 2007
Papdale New School 1955 P.1....
Along the wall.... Maureen Cooper, Teacher-Naismie Rendall, Sylvia Eunson, Margaret Robertson, Edith Wylie, Glenda Nicolson, Jennifer Newlands.
Row nearest the camera front to back... Not known, Maureen Donaldson, Shelia Harcus, Kathleen Calder, Elizabeth Oddie, Marlaine McEwan, Payne Twin.
Next row front to back..Jennifer McNeil, Irene Mair, Elspeth Groat, Unknown, Fiona Ryan, Kathleen Kelday, Gweyn Payne?...
Next row front to back..Vivian Harcus, Elizabeth Bremner, Charles Tait, James Rousay, Stephen Brodie, Leslie Tait, Evan Wylie.
Next Row front to back...Jimmy Headle, Kennt Pirie, Harvey MacGillvary, Unknown, Norman Cooper, Stuart Kemp, Unknown,
Far off row...Robert McHutchan, Ian Morrison, Alistair Gordon, Unknown, Unknown, Andrew Alan, Kirton Flett.
Sorry if I have anyone wrong or missed out someone. 50 years it is along time..

Added by Anon on 19 October 2007
I recognise most of the kids in my class.I am Margaret Robertson and I was quite friendly with Sylvia Eunson and Elizabeth Bremner through primary and secondary school. My, what different memories that photo brought back.
Added by Margaret Robertson on 24 February 2008
Hi Margaret, nice to see you're on the web, would like to get in touch. You can get my email if you want so we can catch up as a lot of yrs has passed. Nice memories old photo brings back.
Added by Sylvia Douglas on 01 April 2008
To Sylvia Douglas, I sent a couple of messages in reply when I received your email but was not sure if you got them hope to hear from you soon. I hope you will read this one.Please send your email address and I will get in touch.Love Margaret.
Added by MARGARET ROBERTSON on 07 April 2008
Hello to anyone who was in that class with me and wants to get in touch. By the way does anyone know the whereabouts of Valerie Wylie as she was at primary and secondary with me. Thanks for info if u have any.
Added by Margaret Robertson on 10 June 2012
Yes Margaret Robertson Valery is in Stromness has been for a lot of years. I'm Sylvia's peedie sister Irene. I was Christine's pal,nice to hear from u,i mind the laughs we had at Hatston,lot of years have passed sinse then,where r u living now?
Added by Irene Eunson. on 25 October 2012
hello irene so nice to hear from you,i live in stornoway on lewis with my wee grandson james now,i have been here for a few years now+love the place.i also have some of my family here too.are you still in touch with christine?if so please tell her i would love to get in touch,thanks,i also miss home sometimes too.

Added by Margaret Robertson on 31 October 2012
Hi Margaret,yes i keep in touch with Christine, she is fine. Harry not been very well he is in a wheel chair. Christine had to give up work to look after him. I'll tell her u were askng for her. Yes those were the good old days at Hatston loved every min of it, r u still in Stornoway?
Added by Irene Eunson on 30 November 2012
Thankyou for your reply, please do tell christine to get in touch if she can, it would be good to hear from her. My number is 01851 702364, I would be grateful if you could. I'm sorry to hear about Harry+yes I still live in stornoway. I was a terrible child when i lived at Hatston, I was forever getting into trouble with people for stupid things.
Added by Margaret Robertson on 04 December 2012
Margaret, you were not a terrible child, I loved the times we all had together. Do you mind the times we had with Valery Christine me x u,lol. I'll phone Christine and give her your number. It's good to hear from you, are you on Facebook? I'll join you if you want to, Sylvia said you were moving from Stornoway? See you on Facebook.
Added by Irene Eunson on 05 December 2012
Thank you, yes i am on Facebook, you can join me if you want, thanks for passing on my number. I hope she gets in touch. I'm not moving from Stornoway, Icant its a protection for wee james+ we are settled here now. I have family on the island too.
Added by Margaret Robertson on 08 December 2012
Sorry Irene I can't find you on facebook, please let me know what name you are using
Added by Margaret Robertson on 08 December 2012
I'm still in Stornoway and would love to hear from anyone in the photo who remembers me, and I hope your all alive ,it's been a long time since then, love Mags
Added by Margaret Robertson on 08 February 2020
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