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Wellpark Gardens
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Wellpark Gardens

Before the new Garden Centre was constructed.
Picture added on 25 March 2007
This picture must've been taken some time around 1972. All the old greenhouses are still up which means it was then. Also Millers Park was built in 1981!!
Added by Sarah Glue on 14 April 2007
The shed at the front which says 'Wellpark Nurseries' was where Father Don Glue made all the wedding flowers and wreaths using flowers grown in the greenhouses above. Up until 1950 5 tons of tomatoes were grown each summer. Some people might remember 'Herbie' the miner bird which used wolf whistle at customers who walked by the window, he could also mimick the squeak of the door and the dogs whine.
Added by Ella Glue on 08 March 2008
I remember Herbie! I sometimes used to go along to see him after School. I remember the lady that used to work in the shed doing the flowers, she may have been a Mrs Cuthbert?
Added by Lynn Oag on 17 May 2009
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