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Old Sheep Shears
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Old Sheep Shears

Steven, I am thinking to set up a new thread/ group: "Old Tools".
This is a pair of old sheep shears. I tried to work them 200 times. I was really feeling it. I would not have likes to have sheared a flock of sheep with these. Anyone else with old tool photos please upload them under "Old Tools".

[I'll give you a compromise - the 'Work' category will become 'Work and Tools', which is less funny, but maybe no bad thing... Steven]
Picture added on 29 April 2012 at 23:37
I remember me Dad using these to trim the edges of our lawn, I tried it and boy it was tough on the wrist and fingers, shearing sheep must have been "coorse"!
Added by Johnny Johnston on 30 April 2012
Is there an Orkney dialect word for 'sheep shears'? In Caithness (and, to my knowledge, nowhere else in the Northern Highlands) they were known as 'gangs'. Don't know as to where that arose from and wondered if there was an Old Norse connection? Just a thought!
Added by Dave Dawson on 01 May 2012
Whur Faither was fae Caithness and he pronounced them "Gyangs" ,sorry to be a bit o a know all Dave.
We were kindo confused as Mither came from Flotta and they used words that were not used here in Waas, also we grew up around our granny and she used some real old Flotta sayings, wish I could remember them better.
Added by John Budge on 04 May 2012
I think I remember them being referred to as 'Sheep Clippers' which does not, unfortunately sound very Old Norse.
Added by Jim. G on 05 May 2012
Interesting thought Dave. Working on it.
Added by Sandy on 05 May 2012
John - it's a good point (Gyangs v. Gangs). I'm from 'doon e' coast' (Parish o' Latheron)and there were differences in pronuciation between there and other districts further north. Maybe it's the Gaelic influences again. I'll likely feel the weight of Steven's wrath by taking this "oot o' Orkney"!

[All good stuff David - Steven]
Added by Dave Dawson on 07 May 2012
John - probably depends where in the county you’re from. I was reared in the Parish of Latheron....Gaelic influences affecting dialect.
Anonymous comment added on 12 January 2021
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